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Templar Healer Lf end game PVE guild AD (NA XB1 obv)

I am a Templar Healer/Dps.

I currently am running 5pc Seducer 2pc engine guardian set 3pc willpower. I have DW swords with Torug's my destro staff is agility for stamina regen(on bosses) though am looking towards getting a master ice staff or if possible maelstrom fire staff. I use an Endurance restoration staff(for hp gain on bosses) and am looking to getting a master restoration staff and eventually maelstrom restoration staff. As for end game gear I am trying to get 5 piece PC set as well as 5 piece Twilights remedy.

I run 5 light 1 med 1 heavy. I have no experience with trials but learn quickly. I am looking for a guild that runs dungeons regularly uses text chat(sometimes I don't use my mic before going into a dungeon). I want to better learn the dungeon mechanics and learn trials so I can get some of the better equipment.

I am an aspiring crafter at the start I focused on blacksmithing so I have some pieces of armor that are researching the 7th trait. I am working on one master crafter that is able to do all of the crafting skills. He is also a WW so I can provide bites for free.
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  • phidonk526
    @Lightninvash Wretched Legion is always looking to add members. We are a mature guild with numerous members who have lots of experience and love helping others. We run dungeons daily, and do pvp and trial events during the week. We also use the LINE app to communicate with other members and set up events, dungeon runs, etc. It is also an amazing app that allows you to ask members any questions you have. If this is something you are interested in let me know. If you decide yes, then please add me as a friend on LINE app and send me a message so I can get you invited to the chats... LINE ID SoRphidonk526
    CP 160 Magic DK
    CP 160 Magic Templar
    CP 160 Magic NB
    CP 160 Stam Templar
    CP 160 Stam NB
    CP 160 Stam Sorc

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