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PTS News ???

We are waiting some news about Update 12 PTS... @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom ....
Magicka SORC - PvE/PvP
Stamina NB - PvE/PvP
Magicka NB - PvE/PvP
Magicka Templar - PvE
Stamina Templar - PvP
Magicka DK - PvE
Stamina DK - PvE
  • Lord_Dexter
  • jeedrzej
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    Ealian - Magica Sorcerer lvl 50
    Enerias Kazner - Magica Templar lvl 50
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    Anvena Kazner - Stamina NIghtblade lvl 50
    Arcynekromantka Anastazja - Magica Nightblade lvl 50
    Threiva Krwawooka - Stamina Sorcerer lvl 50
    Michael Odważny - Stamina Templat lvl 50
    Ashaia Kazner - Stamina Dragonknight lvl 50
    Dowelin Kenitri - Magica Templar lvl 50
    Anwen Llenariolis - Magica Warden lvl 7

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  • Pandorii
    But the IC anniversary event is going on. Isn't that distracting enough?

    In all seriousness, ZOS has a lot of things going on right now. Conferences, events, crownstore showcase, and the pts.
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  • Paulington
    Community Ambassador
    The last news was that it is being targeted for this week and that we'll have an official date soon. :smile:.
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