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Looking for a new guild.

Hi. My GT is Rockbiter 0331. I'm looking for an all around mature guild that does pvp and pve. My last guild got abandoned so I decided to switch factions completely so I'm trying to find a dc guild. I'm currently level 42 but I have 340 champion points and workin towards 9 trait crafter.
  • WATCjudgedredd
    Hey there, my guild is looking for members from all factions.
    WATC JudgeDredd, guildmaster of the WATC Brotherhood
  • Jailbirdy
    •We have a Guild Trader in Rawl'Kha this week

    •Message GT: Shadow Chopper1 or GT: Illestglider or GT: Jailbirdy for an invite

    •400+ members

    Visit our website (contains price list for your selling convenience)
    Disclaimer: The statements and information from this account are for entertainment & informational purposes only. Any interpretation, implied or otherwise does not constitute negligence on any part of this forum posting.
  • Ghostxgal
    Guild Recruiting! Come Join Lunar Chaos

    We are a guild of weirdos who like playing ESO together. Most members have DC mains but we accept and help any alliance. We are creatures of the night. Vampire and Werewolf bites are available.

    We are here to level up and hang out. 18+ Guild with very few exceptions. We are sarcastic and just plain weird. If you are easily offended this is not the guild for you. We PVP, Dungeon run, Level grind, and much more.

    We will have goofy challenges weekly and monthly. Example: One mans trash is another guildies treasure challange: Who ever puts the most items of trash in the guild bank by the end of the day wins 2k... etc.

    We have a PVP officer, Heavy Armor Crafter, and Guild Provisioner, for the guild. Looking to fill ranks and build normal running groups. Promotion and guild bank access earned through use of voice chat and participation in guild.

    We NEVER ask for dues! Items donated to the guild bank are used to level characters crafting or help guild members. Only officers are allowed in guild bank for safety measures. Many of us have came from guilds that has been looted or taken advantage of. No worrying about your donations, ever.

    We have a guild store and in process of getting guild trader.

    We welcome you to join the chaos & hope to see you soon!
    Check out Aedric Guard post. We do trials/dungeons throughout the week along with additional guild events. Raffles and other activities are also scheduled. There are no fees or requirements but you will get out of the guild what you put into it. Msg GT: c3nturi0n pr1me
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