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Looking for active players to join my guild. Any alliance. I am Daggerfall Covenant.

I am looking for active players who would be willing to join my guild.
There are a total of 4 players in the guild at this moment including myself, Sadly nobody will give the guild a chance.
I want to find players who don't care if the guild is small because I want it to grow with players who are willing to give it a try.
My GT is IxFaTaLFUSIONxI, I am a level 49 Breton Sorcerer looking for players to do anything with.
I sadly right now no longer have a mic, it just randomly stopped working, I would prefer to have a mic but cannot get one yet.
I would also prefer whoever joins to have a mic so hopefully when I get a chance to get one myself I can talk to whoever joins.
I would ask that whoever looks at this to give the guild a chance. I know all normal crafting styles, And I will learn the others in the future.
if you are just looking for a guild to play with because you have nobody to play with then hopefully you would willing to join this guild.
I will help any player who joins with whatever they need. Whether it be getting new Armor/Weapons or whatever else they need.
I haven't done many group dungeons because I don't really have anyone to do them with. So if you would like to do dungeons then so would I.
Edited by Merlin_Mastercraft on July 30, 2016 5:19PM
  • Merlin_Mastercraft
    If you would like to join just put your gamertag below or message me on xbox
  • ElementalDud
    Soul Shriven
    Do you have any champion characters in your guild? I like small guilds but I don't want to join one if I can't do veteran dungeons.
  • o0Velius
    Hit me with an invite.
    Gt Lady Velius
    Main Character

    DC Nord Dragonknight; Tank

    Alternative Character’s

    DC Imperial Sorcerer; Tank
    DC Altmer Templar; Healer
    DC Nord Warden; Tank
    DC Breton Warden ; Healer

    DC Bosmer Dragonknight ; Tank[/I]

    Main Tank For


    VAA HM
    VSO HM
    VAS +1

    PC : @o0Velius

    Xbox One. GT: oo Velius
  • Merlin_Mastercraft
    Elemental right now I am the only Champion. It is a small guild at the moment. But I would like to grow it some more.
  • Merlin_Mastercraft
    I am champion 37 right now.
  • Merlin_Mastercraft
    That is why I want more players who actually play to do things with like veteran dungeons when I can.
  • Merlin_Mastercraft
    If you decide you want to join I will have to invite you around monday or tuesday. I won't be on for much longer. I am going somewhere for the week.
  • adrakas
    Soul Shriven
    I'm interested in joining, gt Xantisos
  • Merlin_Mastercraft
    Alright, I will invite you. I sadly don't have a mic right now anymore cause of how cheap the one I had was, So hopefully you won't give up on me or the guild.
  • SoupDejour
    GT: DB Soup Dejour
  • Merlin_Mastercraft
    SoupDejour wrote: »
    GT: DB Soup Dejour

    I will invite you the next time I get on.
  • smooth003
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I'm looking for an active guild with active members grinding all alone is boring gamer tag is vR Zillion
  • Merlin_Mastercraft
    It is. I will invite you now.
  • lieutdan3304
    Soul Shriven
    I am a currently a level 10 breton templar building to play a healer role. Leveling fairly fast and hoping to play an active role in a good guild. Just started a week ago. I would like to join please. My GT is LieutDan3304.
    Edited by lieutdan3304 on August 7, 2016 3:31PM
  • Merlin_Mastercraft
    I will send you an invite once I get on.
  • MetalOniisan
    i like small guilds, do you run dungeons especially in DC? i am currently lvl 21. i don't mind joining if its still a small guild.
    GT: MetalOniisan
  • jeff.konetskib14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
  • jeff.konetskib14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Gt wonmorph
  • FloppyTouch
    My GT FloppyTouch love to join a small guild I'm a max crafter 9 trait I pvp and pve I have dps healer and a tank with way over the max cp. I'm always looking to help a guild grow
  • Ghostxgal
    Guild Recruiting! Come Join Lunar Chaos

    We are a guild of weirdos who like playing ESO together. Most members have DC mains but we accept and help any alliance. We are creatures of the night. Vampire and Werewolf bites are available.

    We are here to level up and hang out. 18+ Guild with very few exceptions. We are sarcastic and just plain weird. If you are easily offended this is not the guild for you. We PVP, Dungeon run, Level grind, and much more.

    We will have goofy challenges weekly and monthly. Example: One mans trash is another guildies treasure challange: Who ever puts the most items of trash in the guild bank by the end of the day wins 2k... etc.

    We have a PVP officer, Heavy Armor Crafter, and Guild Provisioner, for the guild. Looking to fill ranks and build normal running groups. Promotion and guild bank access earned through use of voice chat and participation in guild.

    We NEVER ask for dues! Items donated to the guild bank are used to level characters crafting or help guild members. Only officers are allowed in guild bank for safety measures. Many of us have came from guilds that has been looted or taken advantage of. No worrying about your donations, ever.

    We have a guild store and in process of getting guild trader.

    We welcome you to join the chaos & hope to see you soon!
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