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Looking for Active Adult PVE Guild in EP

Soul Shriven
Greetings! I am new to ESO. I'v had the game about 2 weeks. I've started characters and deleted them. I've finally settled on a character that I am leveling and looking for a place to call home. I have MMORPG experience. I've played WoW for many years. I've played previous Elder Scroll games. I'm looking for a guild that is casual, as I am a father, student, and work full time. I do not have a schedule for when I play, it's more when I find time. I'm not very informed with ESO but trying to figure things out. I've always been more focused on PvE, but wouldn't mind trying out PvP in ESO.
  • REYES_312
    Soul Shriven
    Hey noticed you were looking for a guild.. My friend and I just started up a new one for all the newer players and Vet players of ESO, most of the guilds are pretty much massive guilds with no type of assistance big in numbers and only have a guild store to offer its members... We were trying to change that... A huge Family is what I we were going for... There's more details on our guilds info but if you want an Invite feel free to message me on PSN for an Invite REYES_312 on NA servers
  • GreenhaloX
    @qubesquared, we welcome casual players. My guild is fairly new, but very up and coming. You can learn more about Knights of New Camelot at If it interests you, leave your PSN ID at that forum or hit me up @GreenhaloX.

    We are a multi-game PS4 guild that has been playing together for a year now; click the links below for additional information & the games we play.

    Our Multi-Faction Trading Guild, based in Aldmeri Dominion, currently has room for Active Traders! We do get full from time to time but we consistently purge inactives players to make room for active ones. Send me a PM on PS4 if you would like to join the fun and make a lot of GOLD.

    About our ESO guild:

    Happy Gaming!
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    The Dollar Tree Guild

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