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Xbox 1 NA *guild recruiting active members of any skill or alliance* Pve and Pvp main focus*

LOOKING for all players of any alliance and skill! Our guild activity is down and we would like to recruit any active players that are interested in being active on eso for all upcoming content.(preferably people with mics)
-We are a social guild invested in all pve and pvp activitys.
-50/50 raffle.(all donations towards having a guild store. Guild store is not our main focus) DONATION NOT REQUIRED!
-skilled members ready to help with builds, supplies, ect.
-And much more...
Once our guild activity is up we will be running weekly trials and weekly pvp events. Dungeon running in GC1 daily!
This is a guild for any players skilled or still learning. We want members that are always striving to get better and learn more!
Please post GT below if interested!
'Drawing Of The Three'(DoT)
  • Ninja_Echo
    Add me GT :FolksyLemon026 :)
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    You got it! Thanks for reading everyone!
  • Burstix
    Soul Shriven
    I'm still a noob but I'm in it for the long haul, I'll join if you'll accept. Gt is
    I'll check you guys out - GT: hellb0undh0und

    Do you do much daggerfall pvp? I have a character that I desperately need to unlock vigor for.
    Edited by HELLB0UNDH0UND on June 20, 2016 3:08PM
    Max CP, 11 explicitly average characters on XB1 NA

  • iTz_Ryzr
    Soul Shriven

    GT: iTz Ryzr
  • Gank19
    Soul Shriven
    Add please. GT: Gankn19
  • Feeney234
    Soul Shriven
    Invite please. GT is Feeney234
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    When we hold events it's mainly AD only time we have something for all alliances is duels sry.
    Invites will be out today but I hate to inform everyone we closed invites for the week due to a vdsa weekly tournament anyone that was not in the guild prirror to the start of this can not qualify...but there are many more events to come!
    Thank you for reading be expecting a guild invite today.
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Pvp events are AD ^
    Everything else is cross alliance
  • broses456
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I'd love to be apart of this if you're still recruiting. GT: bmoses456
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