Looking for casual trading guild.

Hi there.
I'm a returning player looking for a casual trading guild. I have a vet14 templar (whats that 120 champion?), but I'm not sure if I'll be starting over or continuing that...
Honestly, I'm just looking for a place to sell some of my stuff instead of having to vendor it. I doubt I would fit into one of these "must sell 10-30k a week" guilds as I will only be playing on and off. If you have a guild that might be a fit, or if anyone can recommend one to be, that would be great.
Can find me in game - @MintyBadger
  • lolalie
    I'm looking for the same cool guild cause i'm returning at teso after 2 years
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  • EllieBlue
    Look me up in game: @EllieBlue

    I have a social pve guild, a big serious trading guild and a new smaller trading guild. All guilds have an npc trader.
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  • MintyBadger
    Thanks @EllieBlue I'll give you a shout tonight/tomorrow :)
  • SteveCampsOut
    Pacrooti's is a casual social trading guild with no minimums sales or quota's. We don't hold raffles. And nobody *** if we go a week or two without a trader. Our bidding power is solely supported via guild bank donations. We're also LGBT Friendly and we exist on both NA and EU servers. Message me in game @SteveCampsOut for an invite.
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    One With Many Faces CH701 Nightblade DC
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  • Gargath
    I doubt I would fit into one of these "must sell 10-30k a week" guilds as I will only be playing on and off.
    To sell for 10k minimum a week is simple and you don't need to worry :). You can easily sell raw mats you harvest around, for this money or more. Or the herbs from Coldharbour - you can harvest herbs worth 10k in 1-2 hours, for example 30 pcs. Columbine is worth 10k :).
    If you stay in those "10-30k a week"guilds it's usually an issue of having trader in top location, so every raw mats you put in trader sell almost immediately. Being in casual trading guild usually means most of your items occupy trader spots for a long time and even raw mats aren't sold easily. From my experience with casual's and "10-30k" guilds i'm in :).
    I can send inv to "10-30"k guild with trader in Rawl'kha and explain trading issues if any in game support is needed - with a smile :).
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