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RP Guild Idea based on Psijic Order

Doing an interest check for an idea I have had recently torole play characters that have created a secret elite branch from the mages based on the ancient Psijic order, which at the time of ESO has been missing for about 352 years. My idea is that most of the characters would have joined from within the mages guild, being invited for showing special aptitude to the Orders interests, which vary some from the Mages guild traditional charter. Other members are initited to the New Way Order after having come into contact with Psijic Monks (for that is what members consider themselves ultimately) as members are often out in Tamriel researching and intervening on behalf of the Psijic Way.

So, if some people seem interested, maybe we can develop the idea further. I'm on PS4 NA

PSN: Mystic_gc525
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  • Totalitarian
    Remember that Manimarco was expelled from the Psijic Order, so that gives you more of a reason to hunt him down :smiley:
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  • cjhhickman39
    This has many fun possibility's one that comes to mind is a way to give yourself a reason to do the dark bother hood not as a recruit but as an infiltrator for the order to understand there ways and the extent of deadric influence on world events threw assassination
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