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Daedric Lordz (DaggerFall Covenant) BlackWater Blade PvP Guild

Welcome to the official Daedric Lordz Guild Thread.

Before I begin I will shed some history on our guild.

Lordz was founded in June of this year on console with the intent to become one of the most organized and skilled PvP guilds in both BlackWater Blade and Azura's Star. Since our inception we have grown to 25 members, though this number has been reduced to 10 at the moment. We have participated in multiple keep defenses with just our guild. We pride ourselves on being able to take outposts and keeps as well as defend them with as little numbers as possible. You will never find us in a Zerg. We feel that it takes little to no skill to just overwhelm people with sheer numbers. Instead we prefer to intentionally go into AD and EP conflicts with the intent on wiping groups bigger than ourselves.

With that being said, we prefer quality over quantity. We prefer players who value group PvP and know that if one of us strays off and does his/her own thing then it puts the entire group at risk. We are not the best players in the game by far and will never claim to be, however, our communication and teamwork skills are hard to beat. We have multiple videos of us wiping AD and EP zergs at the bridge and Sejanus.

We are all decent players with a good understanding of builds and PvP Mechanics. We have crafters in the guild who will craft all of your set gear free of charge. We do not charge weekly gold donations nor do we require you to be on every single day for twelve hours.

We DO require the following;

18 or Older to join. Our guild is a hardcore PvP guild with mature players. We have jobs. We have wives/husbands. We have kids. We don't need more kids lol
Headset. This is an absolute must in any guild whether you are PvP or PvE.
To be present on Wednesdays at 9pm CST for our guild meetings and to be present on Friday Nights at 9pm CST for our organized PvP Raids.
Ability to have fun.
Non Toxic Attitude.
Ability to listen to orders. We will never tell you how to play the game, but we will tell you to stick with the group and do what crown says.

This guild is perfect for the hardcore PvPer who doesn't want to play with PUGs.

If it sounds like something for you, drop your gamertag or message me on XBL. Westonius227

Better Dead Than Red.
XBOX NA - mDK CP 488
Better Dead Than Red
  • ThulsaDoomDC
    Still looking for active players for PvP.
    XBOX NA - mDK CP 488
    Better Dead Than Red
  • The_Lex
    GT: PatriarchaLex
    PC NA | @The_Lex
    Member of:
    Tamriel Vault
    Fast and Furriest
    Ink, Inc.
    Moar Dottz

    Characters (PC NA) :

    Vaaljørn | Nord Dragonknight | Tank | EP
    Revyn Draylor | Dunmer Dragonknight | Magicka DPS | EP
    Maldarin Direnni | Altmer Sorcerer | Magicka DPS | EP
    Bjorn Storm-Blade | Nord Warden | Stamina DPS | EP
    Worf of Sto'Vo'Kor | Orc Sorcerer | Stamina DPS | EP
    Brejan Magnus | Breton Sorcerer | Magicka DPS | EP
    Brejan Garak | Breton Templar | Healer | EP
    R'jirr the Caller | Khajiit Necromancer | Stamina DPS | EP [BEGINNING TO COLLECT DUST]
    Vaanryth Sadri | Dunmer Nightblade | Stamina DPS | EP [COLLECTING DUST]

    Vaanrith | Dunmer Templar | Crafter | EP
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