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Fastest Way To Get A New Char To 50?

Hi guys,
I'm looking for any advice on getting a new char to 50. This would be for an alt that I want to make. I have 501 cp and this guy will be for cyrodil. I've heard stores about running around Wrothgar gets you leveled quick, but to be honest, I have no idea.
I pvp almost exculisivly and I really don't want to have to go though the main story quests again etc.
any tips will be much appreciated !
Thanks guys
  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    Full set of training armor every ten levels if you are by yourself or every 20 with a partner. This give you around 80% more exp per kill.
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  • Vaoh
    If you have 501CP it is much more simple.

    You will only need to craft one set of PURPLE Lvl 10 Training gear. Also recraft the weapons for every 5-10 levels or so if you want.

    Farm the Imperial City Sewers on an empty campaign (best with a friend). If on DC, you will need to farm the zombies on the beach outside Sentinel as well. Also, the farm in Coldharbour's Vile Laboratory is great and gives lots of zombie Fighter's Guild XP. Avoid Wrothgar because it is very crowded.

    Doing this I leveled a character in 3 days and didn't spend a ridiculous amount of time on any day grinding. Just grind efficiently and you're good to go! :)

    Highly recommend the IC Sewers with a friend.
  • Dubhliam
    As already mentioned, IC sewers are a great way to level, especially if you like to PvP.

    Training gear, and don't forget to chug those Psijic Ambrosias for increased experience gains.

    Other than IC, there are a lot of good places to grind mobs, Wrothgar being on of the best places due to the fact it is scaled to your level, and you will always get maximum experience (same as IC).
    Usually people grind Wrothgar Public dungeons.

    A nice alternative to IC are Cyrodiil delves, but those places are frequently visited by gankers.
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  • Hawco10
    Thanks everyone for the great advice. Have my purple training gear made , got the ambrosia potions and so its of to the sewers with my baby Templar.
    Thanks again everyone and I really want to thank the guys that offer advice in this forum section. It really shows what a wonderful community you guys help to foster.
    Cheers !
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