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Why doesn't ZOS publicly address issues with their games?

  • timidobserver
    Dev Tracker is OP. Has all of the information.
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  • CombatPrayer
    You'll be hard pressed to find any company address any issues with their products. To some degree I think it is about maintaining brand name and reputation. If they admit there is a problem then they have to deal with the fallout and that fallout could likely be lawsuits in some cases. The other reason is about accountability. If you admit there is a flaw you are to to different degrees depending on the circumstance bound to fixing it. Otherwise it could be considered defective. Savvy lawyers could have a field day with that one. Or the boss says there is no problem or doesn't want it discussed. Even if everyone ZOS employee knows there is a problem, saying it might cost them their job. I've seen things like that happen.

    In short, lots of different reasons and they all boil down to money, reputation, and covering their butts.
    DHale wrote: »
    Honestly there are tons of bugs in in this game no doubt but a huge majority are learn to play issues and ZOS trying to appease casuals. I meet ppl that are like cp 300 plus every day and know sooooooooooo little about this game it down right scares me. I meet them every day. Makes me sad and angry at the same time.

    People play for different reasons DHale, just because they're CP300 doesn't mean they know sooooooooooo little, Perhaps they simply do not care about numbers and prefer the lore that's provided to them...Does that make them a casual? Not at all.

    ESO caters to multiple styles of players and you should know that...That is your "learn to play issue". Instead of getting angry with them learn to realize not everyone plays how you want them to.
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