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Join Collective Crafters Guild (Xbox Ebonheart)

Started a guild a few days ago, it has 2 member (including me). I'm looking for lower level players who are crafters, but anyone is welcome to join. This is on Xbox and in the Ebonheart Pact. I find myself constantly running out of bank space and having to destroy stacks of material, I'd much rather deposit my spare mats in a guild bank for others to use in crafting.

Your welcome to take what you need from the guild bank for Writs and personal project's, but you're expected to give back a little in return (really any crafting related goods are welcome). I will be checking the guild bank records to make sure nobody is stealing mass quantities (and I mean like 800 items a day, don't worry I'm sure this will never happen but just in case)

All guild members will be given access to the guild bank (not the money) and if the guild grows any money donated will go towards a guild trader, everyone in the guild will be allowed to use the guild trader free of charge. If you're interested in joining please message me (GT: CloneTrooper699) on Xbox (or reply to this post) with the rank you would like to be placed in, all ranks have the same perks and are simply there to help other members know your craft.


Jack of All Trades - for players with multiple crafts but no speciality.

Gatherer- If you don't have a craft but would like to join the guild you can become a gatherer, you don't have to deposite in the guild bank but if you have some extra mats you don't need feel free to help others out.
New Crafter - If you don't message me your preferred craft you are given the rank of new crafter, this is only temporary until you message me your craft.

Hopefully I can get enough members to get this guild off the ground, I only need 8 more members to gain access to the guild bank. Happy crafting.
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