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Various Old Bugs...

There's a couple of bugs on live that have been there a while and continue to persist on PTS.
  1. Restoring Spirit -- The Templar passive Dawn's Wrath:Restoring Spirit is partially broken. Skill tooltip says 4% reduced cost but reduced cost displayed on tooltips is only 2-3% (varies randomly with no obvious cause or reason). Actual reduced cost is 3% as observed when casting an ability regardless of what the tooltip says. It does appear to work fine when it is the only cost reduction in effect but that is rarely the case. As an example take Breath of Life on my Templar:
    Max Cost = 4590 Magicka
    CP Cost Reduction = -14.2% (82 points)
    Light Armor = -15%
    Breton Racial = -3%
    Seducer Set = -8%
    Restoring Spirit 2 = -4%
    Without Restoring Spirit 2 = 4590 * (1 - 0.142) * (1 - 0.15 - 0.03 - 0.08) 
                               = 2914 Theoretical (2915 Actual on PTS)
    With Restoring Spirit 2 = 4590 * (1 - 0.142) * (1 - 0.15 - 0.03 - 0.08 - 0.04) 
                            = 2756 Theoretical (2836 or 2796 Actual on PTS/Live)
  2. Burning Light -- The tooltip for the Templar passive is wrong if your Magicka/Spell Damage is higher than your Stamina/Weapon Damage. For example my tooltip says 900 damage but it actually does some 3500 damage per hit. It also appears that for a Magicka character it does use the Spell Resistance of the target but does not use your Spell Penetration (likely uses your Physical Penetration).
  3. Radiant Destruction -- The tooltip for this Templar skill does not take any +damage effects into effect (always shows the base skill tooltip). For example the CPs Elemental Expert or Thaumaturge.
  4. Dark Shades III -- The Nightblade skill Shadow:Dark Shades III doesn't trigger the Dark Vigor passive (+3% Health when slotted). Dark Shades IV does trigger it.
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  • MikeB
    Also, the mail system and banks don't work on console after 2+ years. Ever going to fix those? Having to log out and back in to get something someone sent you or something you purchased is annoying as can be. Items not stacking when you deposit into the bank is annoying, that's if you can get your bank to show up at all.

    Many more things but who cares anymore
    Fix Clouding Swarm.
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  • baratron
    The Trophy vaults in the Imperial City Prison and White-Gold Tower are still bugged in 2.5.1. They give items in the Breton style instead of in the Xivkyn style. Check out the Greaves of Leeching and Sash of the Scathing Mage in this screenshot that I took just now. (You can just about see the glow of the special chest in the background, hehe).

    Some players believe that the reason this bug occurs is that "Breton" is Motif 1, the first in the list, and is therefore used if the motif style is undefined. I don't know if this is true, I just know that it's really annoying to get the perfect piece of Divines armor in the set you're collecting and find it doesn't match everything else (and is Breton, one of the ugliest styles, to boot).
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  • Tower_Of_Shame
    Fix Clouding Swarm.

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