Looking for a social friendly guild (PVE)

Soul Shriven
Hey guys!

Started playing this game since it was on Steam Sale. I really like it! I'm looking for a casual friendly social guild. I'm aiming to do some PVE when I leveled a bit more. Currently I'm 1% off lvl 20 but playing on a daily basis trying to figure this game out. I hope that someone out there wants this friendly fellow in their guild!
  • Lavum
    If you are still looking.
    GSCH.info or http://www.gaiscioch.com/
    Don't say -"Cash Grab" when it is a "Cash Grab" by ZoS. Apparently "Cash Grab" is not PC.
  • Mystics
    Still looking or not: we are the Guild for you ;)

    Please look at our Thread and visit the website for more information.

    GM @Mystics = all round Guild with large player base (~475 members)
    Admin @Equalisers = PvP Guild (AD alliance)
    Admin @Dragons of the Targaryens = Trials Guild
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