The Order of Azura / Social and Laid Back / No Dues

The Order of Azura

New Guild Need active members that want a social and active guild . We do PvE Pvp Dungeons Trails ,everything and anything. Daily guild events. Very open to ideas. All levels are welcome and all Alliances. Xbox one NA Server.
We have a good rank system with actually promotion point requirments. We have a few officer positions that need filled by experienced players. Need members that want to help in building this guild.
Facebook Page is

Contact me in game GT: is fryguy822005

or let me know your Gamertage in Comments below
Edited by fryguy822005 on June 29, 2016 2:09AM
  • fryguy822005
    All levels and Alliances are welcome
  • kayla7795
    GT: Kayla isnt HERE
  • fryguy822005
    Awesome Kayla isn't HERE
    invite will be sent sometime today or once I get off work please join are FB page and read the files and say hello
  • jgirard685
    GT: joel749
  • fryguy822005

    Invite will be sent sometime today Plz get on are FB page
  • fryguy822005
    We are in need of Money makers and Leaders

    All lvls and Alliances accepted

    Dynamic Promotion System

    Social and Friendly
  • fryguy822005
    The Order wants you
  • fryguy822005
    Come join The Order of Azura
    Great fun social players Facebook group page
    Promotion Point System
    Leave your gamer tag I'm comments and I'll send invites soon as possible
  • fryguy822005
    We are still Recruiting
  • Redgrimm666
    Sounds good. Please add me. BestialWarlord66
  • fryguy822005
    Invite will be sent soon as someone gets on make sure u go to are FB page
  • mccloudx22b14_ESO
    McCloudX13 invite please. I have a DC and EP char
  • fryguy822005
    I'll send soon
  • Redgrimm666
  • fryguy822005
    Invite will be sent soon
  • fryguy822005
    Still need members and and some treasurers
    Promotion Point System
    Guild Bank
  • DanZander
    Soul Shriven
    GT: MasturZander
    I do not have a mic, sorry.
    Edited by DanZander on July 2, 2016 1:09AM
  • fryguy822005
    Invite sent
  • fryguy822005
    Needing PvP experts and Treasurers
    Anybody can join
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