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Freezing!!!! IN Group Duns!!! Since Last Patch. Major Problem. Need Help

Since the last Patch, my gave always freezes in the middle of the Dungeon. Is anyone else having this problem. It is not a DC, but a Freeze on my Computer. The Game goes Black and I cannot do anything. Task Manager cannot close program.

Windows 10 Pro, Nvidia 980 TI Water Cooled, 60 C max. latest drivers for Motherboard and Vid all installed. never had this issue till last update.

This happens on 64 and 32 Client.

I didn't mind The DC so much because i could just reload the game. Now I have to Reboot the Computer.

  • allenv30b14_ESO
    I guess it could be a DC, Maybe it just isn't exiting all the way out when it crashes.
  • Minute_Waltz
    happened to all my 3 spindle runs, crashed at exact same spot after 3 atros.

    Also crashed everytime after stage 2 boss on vma and normal maelstrom.

    Didnt have issues pre 2.4.9 update.
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