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DC Vet - Master Crafter - Werewolf - Seeking Guild!

Hey there! My name is Samantha and I am looking for a guild to join!

As the title mentions I am a Master in Blacksmithing, Clothing, Alchemy, Provisioning and Woodworking. I am currently working on finishing up my Enchanting skill line (currently at LV40)

My main Character is in the Daggerfall Covenant, but I am working on some builds for the AD and EP.

My main is a Werewolf, I also have a DC side character who has Vampirism. My goal is to have all of my side characters infected with both in each alliance so I can offer bites to people free of charge!

Please feel free to post about your guild, how many members you have, if you have an outside forum/website/page dedicated for your guild, etc.
My main characters name is Sollys and my Gamertag is Samiesung. I am open to a number of invites, but by process of elimination I will probably try to narrow it down to one guild.
I am really big on depositing/sharing my resources and duplicate motif books/recipes so i'd prefer to hear from guilds that do not have a weekly fee. Thanks!
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    Hi my GT is Westonius227. My guild is Deadric Lordz. Here is a little about ourselves and what we look for;

    We are a Daggerfall Covenant pure guild. Which means we do not PvE or PvP in an organized manner on the other factions. We are very PvP oriented choosing to home our current campaign on Blackwater Blade. Simply because we feel that it is more skill oriented instead of Champion Point Oriented. We have several crafters within the guild working on getting their 9th traits and we have a friendly atmosphere.

    We are usually active every day, with different timezones however I just got done playing with 5 of our guildmates for several hours. We like to consider ourselves a Casual yet Serious guild. This means that outside of PvP and being engaged in combat we are very laid back. We do not have a mandatory weekly donation fee or monthly donation fee. All of our crafters are instantly promoted to a Crafter Rank which grants them access to the guild bank once we get enough players so that we can share resources.

    We are very new player friendly, which means that our veteran players should be friendly to new players. Giving them advice when needed and not leaving them behind in the grand knowledge base that ESO has to learn.

    All we expect from our members is to be sociable, active (At least 2 to 3 times a week) and a non-toxic person. We have an age requirement which is 18 or older and you must have a headset to be in our guild. These are non-negotiable requirements since we foster a very mature environment.

    If you think you'd like to give us a shot then please don't hesitate to PM me on here or message me on Xbox Live.

    GT: Westonius227

    Hope to hear from you soon. If not, I hope you find the right guild for you!

    EDIT: We also PvP in Azura'sStar and we are currently looking at setting our guest campaign to a CP Campaign for our Main Characters.
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