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Looking for a guild in AD

Soul Shriven
I am a player with my first vr1 who is looking for pve and a pvp guild to run content with. My psn is Septdion.
  • KrishakPanettier
    Found a Guild to call home? If, not, join forces with Rent-A-Zerg Mercs AD (PS4-NA-AD). Contact me for more info. Or, can put you in contact with our Guild Master. We play all day every day. AD only. Requirements: Play regularly, but no less than once a week (day or evening), mature friendly adult, able to participate responsibly in Guild Chat.
    Krishak Kringle aka KrishakPanettier, Templar (PSN:KrishakPanettier)
    -- PS4 NA --

    PVP, PVE, and Trader Guild Leader
    - Rent-A-Zerg Mercs AD (one-time large AD PVP Guild - now PVP, PVE, dungeons, trials, and crafting)
    - Shadow Exiles AD (merged into RAZ AD)
    - Recruiting all levels, for help all in-game content. Not just PVP anymore. Not just AD.

    - Facebook:
    - Facebook:
    - Twitter: @ShadowExiles
    - www:
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