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House Tertia - the guild for assistance and those new to the game!

Are you new to the game and lost for advice and guidance; looking for a partner or just want to try and understand the game system :-
Please consider House Tertia,
We are a brand new guild being built for the purpose of welcoming all players with a view to providing just that guidance.
Far too many guilds say they welcome newbies but then ignore them. We Won't ignore & We Don't ignore!!
There is even some minor Roleplay to provide extra immersion (not compulsory of course).
Mature minded is a must with a good Sense of the Ridiculous would be nice.
Slightly Insane would be good.
Whisper me in game if interested or you can leave a reply here and I will find you somehow. (would help if you give your @name)
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^ cp 549 characters - best game ever playerd ( actually the ONLY game ever played so who am I to judge others).:D
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