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Templar healer/support dps guide?

Does anyone have an updated Templar healer (with supporter dps) guide I could follow? Currently building a Templar healer, and can't seem to let go on dealing damage as often as I heal lol. But that beside the point, I am primarily building a healer, with supported dps, and am looking for an updated guide to follow. Cheers!
  • Karnivore
    Soul Shriven
    Looking also!
  • bigereard
    You can adjust my build:
    (Post #6)

    Dual wield primary, resto staff secondary, change honor the dead to breath of life, relocated some of stam regen to magicka regen or change to 5l (pelinal)/2h

    Your healing option:
    Party over time heal: vigor, extended ritual, mutagen, quick siphon
    DPS based heal: quick siphon + bloodthirst (opt.), blood craze (opt.), puncturing sweep (opt.)
    Emergency heal: mutagen, BoL, healing ward, remembrance

    Other important skill:
    Immoveable brute, radiant aura, restoring focus, flawless dawnbreaker, radiant magelight (opt. for PvP)

    Pot: restore health+stam/mag+immoveable
    Drink: stam&mag regen

    I think up time (both damage and heal) is crucial for this kind build, that's why I try to get perma-immoveable.
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