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*~* Arcane Chaos *~* NA/AD - Trials? Events? PvP? End Game content?

What We Are About!

Nutshell Version of us: Arcane Chaos is a community of fun, light-hearted gamers, who have their goals set to reach and blow away end game content, all while still having fun with events and some PvP.

What Arcane Chaos is, and What We Have To Offer:
~Faction: AD

~GM: Cybress v2

~What to look forward to: random weekly events, weekly trials, numerous people ready to do the dailies, groups always up for farming VICP/VWGT, PvP events, weekly PvP night to take over the map and raise chaos in Cyrodiil!

~What we are looking for: Good people, with great attitudes! People wanting to enjoy the game while working towards perfecting their toons. We would prefer if you have at least 1 v16 toon, and 300+ cp.

~We are aligned with TTC - Tamriel Trading Company - who have great locations! We are able to get you membership, without you having to be wait listed!

~What We Have To Offer: We have many members who are Master Alchemists, Provisioners, Enchanters, Clothiers, Blacksmiths etc - who are fully maxed out w/ 9 traits. We also have many theory crafters as well as some incredible guru's who are always willing to help with build, gear, skills etc.

~How to Join this great guild: Message myself or one of my officers on xbl/smartglass - reply on here - send me a message on Line. Information is below.

~Lastly, we do use Line App on a daily basis which is a must. We have a crafting/trade channel, as well as our main chat which is the best way to get groups for dailies, find out about trials etc.

We hope to hear from you!! You can xbox message or line message:

Cybress v2 (gt) - on Line - cybress79
MetricNickel28 (gt)
sirmixalot89000 (gt)
Edited by Cybress on May 31, 2016 10:39PM
  • Nystora
    GT: Nystora
  • Cybress
    Sent a couple of xbl messages so far, I will be on tonight and will group with you, Nystora

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