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[Global trading Guild]Any Alliance Everyone welcome

Heloo i have started a guild named Global trading guild
If u want to sell ur item quickly , then is this the guild u need!!
Anyone can join so feel free to invite all your friends
Donations are welcome so we can get a trader ASAP
Post ur psn bellow so i can invite u !!
  • Duna_Zwisko
  • luckybush56
    my psn is vili_168,plz inv us,will donate everyweek!
  • Duna_Zwisko
    Invited :)
  • Duna_Zwisko
    Guild is growing finaly a bit , but some people leave because we dont have many members.
    Donations are not required until we have 100+ members.
    Im going to create a new guild in future for people who need a group to grind or do dungeons or whatever.
    Dont forget to post ur psn bellow
  • jello
    Psn: Dfrabbit_ pls add, thanks
    Dunmer - Nightblade
  • lillybit
    Looking for an active trading guild, would love to join.
    PSN: Lillybit
    PS4 EU
  • Duna_Zwisko
    Added u all :)
  •  Kosta
    Soul Shriven
    would like to join
    PSN: StKosta
  • kingzy2015
    looking for a active trading guild. psn zombietester1 :)
  • Duna_Zwisko
    Invited u all :)
  • iamstu
    Soul Shriven
    Add me please.

    PSN: fscu60b2
  • Duna_Zwisko
    Invited u all :)
  • Scarbringer
    Invite me please

    PSN: Muikkuman
    Character: Rinuaaku

    Thank you.
  • Duna_Zwisko
    Invited u :)
  • DarkSoldierofLif
    Id like an invite pls

    PSN : DarkSoldierofLif
  • Steve123
    Hello! I have tons of stuff to sell, please invite me if you have room

    PSN: Sugarplumprince

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