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White gold tower veteran ps4 EU help.

I am sorry if this is the wrong category ( I hope not) But I wanted to ask if there are some people willing to help me do some veteran white gold tower since I have never done it and really want to complete it .

If your are willing to help me please post your psn and when you have time.

Sorry if there are some grammar mistakes or if this is the wrong category.

PS4 EU 631 CP | PSN = TeMpAh_xOwNeR
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Haven't played since morrowind
  • NeillMcAttack
    I would suggest trying to find a good guild. There are many looking for players here on the forums. Playing with consistent players will help you learn a lot about the game, about mechanics, and also help you have a more defined role in dungeon runs. WGT can be difficult for new players, there are certain mechanics that every player must understand and execute to succeed.

    You could even apply to Snowborn if you wish. A link to our website is in my signature. You would have to meet some requirements too. We are mainly an Ebonheart Pact guild but I don't see why you couldn't join in on doing pledges and dungeon runs if you wanted to and aren't in EP.
    PS4 EU
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