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Tamriel's Glory Fighters *NEW GUILD RECRUITING NOW* EBON

Soul Shriven
First off, thank you for checking out this thread is a blessing to the community that tools like this are alive and well and we appreciate any comments even if they are unrelated.

Im T00ncesTheCat (XBL Gamertag) a warlord in our guild and id like to take the time to offer an invitation to all to come check out what were getting into on ESO. With Dark brotherhood on the horizon and a ton of content to clear till then we thought about the possibility of finding a large guild to help our core group grind, but where more enticed by the opportunity to create something great. With an emphasis on parties, activities for both causual and hardcore players, trading for all for the good of the group and banded together to face Tamriel's greatest challenges. Tamriel's Glory Fighters is driving to create a productive thriving community to not just play some ESO but to establish an online group of Role Playing and Support to gain a deeper knowledge of the game and the lore of Elder Scrolls. We understand that our organization is only as strong as its lowest members, we are seeking brave new adventures or grizzled mentors to create an optimum elder-scrolls experience. We are open to any players, any level, we are an ebonheart guild but if we sound like a fit for you we can definitely allow other factions. We do not discriminate by and age race creed or color, we only ask that you respect your guild-mates and reign it in when you need to, but we are by no means a Politically Correct organization it gets rowdy and we like it that way.

thanks for your time, if we seem like something you've been looking for please post or contact me on my gamer-tag listed below.

  • A_Rodgers12
    Soul Shriven
    New player looking for guild willing to help out. Would love to join. GT: madtownpacker
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