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Some confusion about racial skils....

I'm new to the game and currently going through the "find my main phase". I love melee(my main on EQ1 was a monk for about 8 years. Would have been warrior but they weren't great at solo for awhile) I see that this game seems to be better balanced but still favors magic.

I am playing around with a stamina nb and keep wanting to try out either a stamina templar or sk(leaning towards dk) and have learned how important stamina is. everything I've read says go reguard for dps because of the racial traits but wouldn't bosmer 21% stamina regeneration offset the redguards regen? (although they don't get to boost their base stamina as much). Redguards get stamina back on melee attacks but only every few seconds. How long do fights last later in the game? And orcs hit harder with melee, but is the percentage negligible?

I'm thinking 2h sword with 2 heavy(chest and legs so I can look somewhat like a knight) and the rest medium for stamina regeneration. I'm new so I don't have the cp most builds I've found say to use to " make up" any lacking stats. Nb is great so far(only lvl 15) but want to be a bit more "in your face" than sneak attack...
  • Nirnrotten
    As far as racials go, any race can make a great character. The racials are important but by no means game breaking. That being said, if you want to stick to in your face damage then Redguard and Imperial are better for that style of play. If you want to be dodging and long lasting, then Bosmer would be better because of it's high regen.

    As for class.... Some lean towards DK because they can and do put up some of the highest numbers DPS-wise. NB don't have to be sneaky, and their Surprise Attack hits like a truck. For mobility a Stam sorc is awesome but will not put up the numbers a Stam DK or NB will. What I believe it comes down to is which class you have more fun with.

  • MrTarkanian48
    Edit: Go Redguard if you plan on melee fights. Only good Wood Elf if you are 100% bow/ranged or stealth/ganking is #1 priority. Adrenaline Rush is superior to the additional 12% regen of Wood Elf in Melee
    Edited by MrTarkanian48 on May 27, 2016 9:18PM
    Wood Elf Stam NB (PVP)
    Redguard Stam Sorc (PVP)
    Altmer NB (DPS)
    Imperial DK (Tank)
    Redguard DK (DPS)
    Altmer Templar (Healer)

    EP - PS4
  • Lumenn
    And the trade off on THAT would be? Redguard has to hit and 5 second rule? Ironically enough I'm creating a redguard now anyway(while I know anyone can wear any armor I just liked the look. Orcs look ok but the tusks don't do it for me. Thanks for the math!
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