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Eastside Connection - active endgame guild

We are an endgame guild in the Ebonheart Pact always running the prison and Vet maelstrom for the best end game gear. Also forming small scale pvp groups in the down time. We have very advanced players with spell power healers and flawless conquerer titles throughout the guild but we aren't Elitists and instead would like to help you achieve similar things. If this sounds like how you play the game or would like to play it. Hit us up.

We generally are all VR16 and endgame players but newer players are more than welcome to join if you are serious about the game.

We have a very active chat also so always up for a laugh.

Look forward to hearing from you guys
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  • PurifedBladez
  • Sizzyy
    Sorry EP. I'll mention that but everyone is welcome to join for farming dungeons and stuff faction won't matter.
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