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Need tips for my Stamina 2h and 1h/s DK

As the title says, I am currently a veteran 2 running 2h and 1h/s as a DK. I would like some pointers to increase my DPS and Tankability.

I am running on my main bar:
Green Dragon's Blood
Unstable Flame
Wrecking Blow

On my secondary bar (Buffs):
Reflective Scales
Obsidian Shield
Rapid Manuever
(Free Spot)

My CP are scattered in some various survivability/damage abilities and my gear is random medium/heavy armor that I get from questing in Silver. Does anyone have any tips to improve my damage output? Currently, I just spam Wrecking Blow while interweaving light attacks with a 2h axe and animation canceling. I eventually want to 1vx in PVP and I want to have high survivability, resource sustainability, and damage.

Best Answer

  • Sunburnt_Penguin
    I've zero (at best) knowledge of DKs but for the sake of a bump and to offer my limited insight of stamina builds: what gear are you wearing and what's your buffed weapon damage & crit?
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  • leepalmer95
    Put executioner on, you'll need it.

    GDB is useless, espically for a stam dk you have better magicka dumps.

    Swap unstoppable for shuffle, shuffle is one of the best skills a stamina user has, 20% dodge chance is very strong, it provides a lot more survivability than unstoppable.

    Morph obsidian shield too igneous shield and you use it before you pop a vigor for the increased healing.

    Your going to need vigor 100%, if you don't have then put cogulating dragon blood there instead and try and get vigor asap.

    Stick ransack or heroic slash on your back bar so you can dmg with your 1h + shield, at least use them once in a fight, ransack will lower the enemies armour, heroic slash will give you ultimate, ultimate generation is important for a dk.

    YOur going to need sets at least for pvp, research some traits, even 2 trait sets is better than nothing.
    PS4 EU DC

    Current CP : 756+

    I have every character level 50, both a magicka and stamina version.

    RIP my effort to get 5x v16 characters...
  • Shader_Shibes
    Get better, crafted gear. Sounds like your wearing, no offence, but vendor, decon trash. Hundings rage, morkuldin, night mothers gaze and Leki's are all nice.
  • Anil235
    My problem is that I don't have that many traits unlocked to be able to craft these sets. As nice as Morkuldin looks for an animation-canceler there is no way I can research all of those traits so fast. Does anyone have any good traits for a stamina build, something I might be able to get someone else to craft even?
  • Anil235
    Thanks for the help all, I have now contacted a guildie who is making me a set of Hunding's Rage.
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