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Character changes/CP/VR?

"You’ll keep all your hard-earned attribute and skill points you received from gaining Veteran Ranks, and new players will instead earn them while leveling up to level 50. •You will receive 2 points every level that ends in a 5
•You will receive 3 points every level that ends in a 10
•You will continue to get 1 point for levels 2-49

•You will receive 10 Champion Points as soon as you hit level 50 if your account doesn’t have any Champion Points already.
•We will be awarding a one-time bonus of 2.5 Champion Points per Veteran Rank gained on your highest level character when you first log in when Dark Brotherhood is released! •Each Veteran Rank will grant 2.5 Champion Points, up to a maximum of 40 points at VR16."

I am a slow player, and have no VR 16 characters. Do I get the attribute and skill additions added to my current character when DB is uploaded? Will I always be behind now since I likely won't hit VR 16 before the DB release? What about my other characters that are past some of the new Attribute and Skill point settings, will they get extra skill and Attribute point allocated to them? I am not a new player, just have real life getting in the way of leveling them up.

  • Acsvf
    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. Yes.
    Lightarray Level 50 Dunmer Magicka Templar Healer

    CP: 192

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