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What is better type of player for vampire and werewolf

Edited by Psycho_gamer271 on April 29, 2016 7:09AM
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What is better type of player for vampire and werewolf 9 votes

Vampire for self healing
Vampire for damage
SunraVan_0SXDark_One13SPEEDYxG8594Psycho_gamer271 5 votes
Werewolf for damage
LoptTheSlyAmericanfunguyValkasWolf_Watching 4 votes
Werewolf for self healing
  • SanSan
    Vampire for Magicka builds.
    Werewolf for Stamina builds.
  • Cogo
    A good player...
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  • xarguideb17_ESO
    A sneaky ugly player with no friends is suitable to play vampire.
    A player who likes to run around with friends and eat corpses suits for werewolf.
  • Americanfunguy
    Werewolf for damage
    They are both very good damage dealers, but it comes down to personal preference and build type. I'm saying all of this based off of my pvp experience. I personally enjoy werewolf more, as I think I'm good at it, and it brings a bit of a shock in pvp to see a good werewolf.

    Werewolf play style: single target, in your face burst, move to next victim.

    Vampire play style: (magicka) aoe, stands in the middle of all the red, sustain damage extravaganza. (Stamina) beat your opponents up in a blur of shadows (clouding swarm)
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