Is there a way to actually receive Help from the customer support?

I submitted a ticket reporting a glitch that is making me unable to join guilds in the game. I am currently in 3 guilds I was in 4 but when I tried to join a 5th guild I got a message on screen telling me that to join another guild I have to first leave one. I was sure I could be in 5 but didn't really care at the time, so I deleted my least favorite guild and tried to accept the new guild invite again. I am only in 3 guilds at this point and it tells me on screen again that to join another guild I first have to leave one I am currently in. I'm not leaving any of the 3 guilds I am in. So I delete the invite and have them resend it. Still get the same message. So I have someone invite me to a completely different guild, still get the same message. So I swap characters, still get the same message. Logging out doesn't fix it nor does restarting ps4. This has been happening since april 3rd. The same day A guild bank glitch just erased 200k of my gold when I deposited, Which zenimax customer support called me a liar and said the gold doesn't exist and refused to help me. But whatever. So I submitted a ticket about this guild issue the other day. Written entirely in English. And this is the reply I get from customer service "For new forums account invitations, your request has been received." Never, not once did I ever inquire or say anything about joining this forum or asking for an invite to this forum or for an account to be made for this forum. I asked for My ingame issue that won't let me join guilds to be fixed and Somehow that Entire ticket was miss read as me asking to join this forum that I care nothing about. So now I'm short 200k gold that I spent several hours over the course of weeks earning because I can only play 2 days out of a week, and I am unable to join guilds, and despite this I still continue to stupidly buy crowns and pay for eso plus and despite being a paying customer I have been refused help on every single ticket I have ever submitted.

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  • MissBizz
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    Did you reply to the ticket? It's been rumoured that a computer answers your first ticket (probably just pulls keywords from yours) and if you reply a real live human reads it.

    Definitely try replying to the ticket. If you start a new ticket, the vicious cycle will just repeat itself.
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  • lordrichter
    I have had pretty good luck with support, but as MissBizz says, one ticket per event and just keep the back and forth email going until the issue is resolved. It is like a game, but you have to play by their rules. If you try to play by your rules, it will be much harder to win.
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  • Beardimus
    As per above I've found support good, but you have to reply and be very clear and they will help. I also found I had to log one case per incident or it can get confused.
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  •  Red_Mosquito
    I've had intermittent responses. I did one through the game and had a "thanks for your feedback!" Response. Other times I've had real life people respond but with "we're trying our hardest and we're very busy trying to fix the issue. Give us time" and others that have actually explained and helped a lot. Depends really I suppose. I can understand how many tickets they probably get a day, must be exhausting.
  • Verathragna
    The guild issue was fixed. But every other issue I've ever went to them with help for they just did nothing and changed the status to solved. Which is really annoying. I do not like the support at all.
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