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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase: March 30, 2016"

  • Rosveen
    Abeille wrote: »
    I would like to know if any of the new costumes have that "inflated rib cage" bug that other outfits have, because that would be the only thing that would stop me from buying all of them.

    Also, I imagine that the two Bosmer outfits are the 400 and the 700 Crowns one, following the pattern of the last cultural outfits. I am very curious to see how the 1000 Crowns one will look like (if someone has a datamined image, send it my way).
    Oddly, there wasn't a third one in the batch of datamined items that included both new Bosmer costumes (
  • ShaddowAU
    Soul Shriven
    MewmewGirl wrote: »

    Thing is, censorship in this game is just silly. As you said, its a minor detail, but still even a little bit of thigh skin was covered. Even though its obviously not a heavy armor set, and the character that wears it in promo video is a sorceress with magic shields. ;)
    And there's more revealing outfits already. So I dont understand this.

    What makes you think it's censorship rather than being done because it actually makes sense?

    Look at the other two outfits that are for sale. It's fair to say that with all the skin those are showing, this one wasn't altered because they were afraid of a little thigh skin.

    This is full body armor and covering that was quite obviously made for a colder region. To suddenly be open at the thighs is absolutely ridiculous. They made the armor actually make sense now and you're complaining.

    I applaud them for actually giving a single option of the three new armors that shows less skin and makes more sense instead of just trying to make it show female skin for the sake of showing female skin.

    Makes sense? AD are from warmer areas, they are not Nords that need snow gear. I am angry they stuffed with the design, for what reason? As others have pointed out there are far more skimpy costumes for sale so why now censor the design of the High Elven hero outfit when if has been fine for all the promotional videos, even prior to the release of ESO?
    This is the costume I've been waiting for and to see that they have enclosed the underarms and thighs makes no sense at all and ruins the look of a cool, and tiny bit sexy outfit that is part of the ESO brand. I would have paid 5k of Crowns if they had done it right, but now I don't know if I will bother as looking at the picture of it I just see the unnecessary and pointless censorship which angers me.
    Seeing the High Elven hero's bare underarms and thighs in the ESO promotion videos didn't disturb me or turn me into a pervert so why would it do so if I see them actually in the game? Zenimax please tell me why Almalexia's very skimpy armour is allowed in the game but you can't dare give us the female High Elven hero costume the way it was designed?
  • Bunneh
    ...But why female leggings are censored? :(
    We have much more revealing outfits anyway (pirate, redguard)... And I'd prefer less covered male version to censoring female one. :p
    And yeah... Where's that fancy blue senche from pts and redguard dress? :(

    This, exactly. The open thighs are in the video and that's what I expect in the outfit.

    What is even more ironic is you guys saying in the Graht-Climber's Active Wear notice: " Does that mean you have to dress like a frump?" Yet you hide the thighs? Left hand, right hand? Or just frumpery?

    Please fix the thighs!!!!!
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  • Whatzituyah
    So whats the Guar mount price?
  • qrichou
    Humm , contructive repley . Okay ,any outfit would look so much cooler without all know buggs wich you guy,s are awere of , yet lagged to fix . If fixed then mayby just maybe i would take time to look at my char instead of purple screen , loadscreen , lag , fading in and out npc,s weird framerate and such . The picture you show us looks nice , but so did the game in commercials to. Hoping i left some constructive repley i sincerly hope to see a fix for all know buggs to inhance the glory of our stylist new creations for our chars.
    because its possible
  • Toorlokviing
    So whats the Guar mount price?

    im thinking anywhere from 1800 crowns to 2500 but it could hit as high as 3k crowns so keep that many just in case
  • Cinbri
    I hope it won't be that much crown. I want this mount but i can't waste so many crowns on it.
  • RDMyers65b14_ESO
    Hmm, that Russian link has a White Lion. I guess we have to 'Wait' one more time.
  • Glaiceana
    @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_GinaBruno The Pale Guar is meant to be out today (21st), but its not on the store yet. When will it be available? :)
    Edited by Glaiceana on April 21, 2016 1:45PM
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