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Why do your 8 PCs cooperate?

Has anyone made a back story about why their 8 PCs are cooperating?

Kind of an interesting idea - 8 people who are never seen together sharing bank space and working together across three Kingdoms.
  • Prabooo
    please explain Im kinda lost here
  • scorpiodog
    @Prabooo - I see some people have stories about their characters ... background and motivation and so on. Since we are allowed up to eight characters, I was wondering if the story people make for their characters is all separate and individual, or if they make up a story about how/why two or more of their characters "cooperating" and working towards a common goal. For example, many people have one or more alternates doing "crafting". I was wondering if anyone has gone so far as to make a story behind the relationship between the "crafter" and the "primary", for example.

    Or if their "primary" and "Alts" have completely independent and separate story lines.
  • Prabooo
    cool! :) My first char is the uncle of the one I use now, and when I run into the merchants I ask them: Remember me? I used to come here with my uncle... But that happens in seconds, otherwise I am preparing for PvP
  • goatlyonesub17_ESO
    My eight characters met as fellow members of the same mercenary group, which disbanded some years ago. Now they've agreed to form a Secret Society and infiltrate all the nations of Tamriel (and Akavir, too, when it becomes feasible) in order to set up central banking schemes based upon usury and intended gradually to cheat the populations of every land of their wealth under color of law. They hope one day to control all the chat channels so they can censor anything they don't like, but that's a plan for the dim and distant future. As my Argonian character told the others at a Secret Society Meeting in Windhelm's crypt, "Control the Chat Channels! Unless we control the Chat Channels all we do is idle!"
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  • Krist
    My characters at some point come to know one another in story, though they are not all friends and not all working together. The bank mechanics, for example, is not really realistic, even if I had only ONE character, so I do not tend to include it as part of my fiction. I may speak of a bank, if my character stays in one place and maybe has a business, but the mechanics of it I would stay from.
    I think that is a very interesting idea you have though, and I can see how it can work if your characters are friendly and working to the same goals.
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  • DaveMoeDee
    They are all my slaves. They do whatever I want them to do.

    They don't want to be DELETEd like past slaves that didn't please me.
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  • Totalitarian
    I've been working on a story on why my 8 characters know one another. I'm currently on page 60, and still have a ways to go. This one's the long one, and the equivalent of the finale.
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  • makeyurself
    Mine are all secretly selected members from both the fighters and mages guilds. Chosen for their potential and inherent gifts of physical prowess or magical abilities by an unknown being. Together they are charged with the protection of the 3 faction leaders to ensure that Molag Bal does not succeed with his devious plans.
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    • Faerandil- Altmer Sage (AD) Templar
    • Aureyna- Altmer Arcane Warrior (AD) Sorcerer
    • Aurthalion- Altme Battle Mage (AD) Sorcerer
    • Dahlek- Argonian Shadowmage/Shadowscale (AD) Nightblade
    • Callion- Breton Thief & Assassin (AD) Nightblade
    • Eldaran- Lore-breaking half-elf Elementalist, not of Nirn (DC) Dragonknight
    • Quenandir- Altmer Ranger (AD) Nighblade
    • Saelif- Breton/Altmer MG Adept (AD) Templar

  • Mwnci
    scorpiodog wrote: »
    Has anyone made a back story about why their 8 PCs are cooperating?

    Kind of an interesting idea - 8 people who are never seen together sharing bank space and working together across three Kingdoms.

    Mine are all independent of each other; however, they all benefit from a generous, but anonymous, benefactor who keeps filling their bank account with nifty stuff. :smiley:
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  • Cat_with_Plates
    2 separated brothers each with their own goals on opposite ends of tamriel. Though the brother working with the Aldmeri Dominion is secretly trying to bring his brother Elsweyr and defect against the Pact.

    One brother is an equipment crafter due to his patience and control. The other is a maker of consumable and magic goods as their volatile and quick processes compliment his excitable khajiiti nature. They frequently write each other and exchange goods in secret.
    This one needs something?
  • starlizard70ub17_ESO
    Mine are all brothers or cousins of the Mahspoor clan of the Khajiit Bandi traders syndicate.
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  • jamesharv2005ub17_ESO
    I read the post and thought man I wish I had money to run 8 computers.
  • scorpiodog
    I've been kind of thinking about this for a few weeks, and my 8 Characters are all members of an Illuminati (hidden hand) Adventurers' Group that can never have more than 8 members. In order for a new member to join someone has to die. They communicate and meet up virtually in some magical way through the Tamriel Banking system. Heck, "IT'S MAGIC". The reason for the limited number of members is so that it can operate more effectively, secretly and decisively than a guild.

    The first group of founding members who established the group was a rag-tag group of disorganized misfits that lacked cohesion and purpose. Then one member, a Sorceror, rose up to be the most powerful. He arranged for the disappearance of almost all of the other founding members and has replaced them with new members willing to work towards common goals under his leadership. Currently the Lead is working to be the "hidden hand" behind AD Crown, one is a farming mats in Kentharis Roost, three more basically steal, launder, coordinate the hirelings and craft in the three capitals. The last three are currently just "mules", but could be replaced in the future with more active roles. (but actually 5 is about the limit I can play and keep track of).

  • Rylana
    Eh, i dont really roleplay or backstory, but the general idea is they are all sisters by blood or marriage *shrug*

    The male toons (especially catman) are just there.
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  • Pheefs
    They are all in the same correspondence Book Club.
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  • SirAndy
    Before Molag Bal stole their souls, 4 of them were in a band of misfits called "The 4 Companions".

    Even though they all came from very different backgrounds and different regions of Tamriel, they are all bound together by their love of adventure and loot. Especially loot.

    Now they roam Tamriel individually, dreaming of the day they will be reunited ...

    The other 4 are paid servants and seem quite content with the mundane life of a housekeeper.
  • Korah_Eaglecry
    All members of a mercenary company with shady and questionable pasts. Most of them are in it for the money or glory...or both. Some are doing it because they have no where else to go, no one else to call family or a place to call home. Some are running from something and feel safest in a group of people that wont ask too many questions. Others are there because their sins or the sins of their parents have given them no other safe harbor but the company of ex thieves, assassins, murderers and flea bitten peasants.
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  • newtinmpls

    My husband started playing first. He tended to play Bretons in Morrowind ... mostly played Nords in Skyrim. So when he started rolling up Altmer for ESO, well it was just a thing. For some reason he made them brothers, started with two sets of twins. So they were family.

    He also really really liked that dragon tattoo.

    I started playing. Rolled up a pair of twin altmer sisters (with the tattoo) and the extended Caemaire family and the Order of the Dragon were born.

    Then I created the spouse of one of his early Altmer... she's a dunmer, and latecomer to the order.

    Then we did Orc sisters, both order members.

    It branches out from there, but every character we have is connected to previous (even if nonexistent) characters. Family, Order, there's always a connection.
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    Order Draconis - well c'mon there has to be some explanation for all those dragon tattoos.
    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • Aetherderius
    Because I am the Oversoul that they are all a part of. They co-operate because they must.
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