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In defense of the Cyrodiil ganker

  • Solariken
    You sound like an honorable ganker, for whatever that's worth. The only gankers I have a problem with are the Nightblades in IC. They just wait until a bunch of mobs are on you and then Ambush with a proxy Det or Surprise Attack to finish you off and collect your stones. These guys are the scum of the mundus.

  • Americanfunguy
    "You also cannot expect such dramatically different classes in this game to have 1v1 dueling-type matches based on distorted principles of fairness."

    Preach it brother.
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  • Americanfunguy
    Lokey0024 wrote: »
    Ganking 4 on 1 is just cowardly.

    Ganking 4 one 1 is conditional. When you gank you don't know if you are going to find 1 person or 20 people. It just happens.
    Flawless Conqueror 6 times over.
    All HM clears and PvE titles - Angler.
    PvP all factions.
  • Vangy
    I have a confession....

    Sometimes I just throw on 7/7 divines, 5 hundings, 1 kena, 1 bloodspawn full medium and sulk around the areas leading up to crossed sword locations. I stay there in sneak and wait for lowbies to wander by with their slow horses with less then 20% speed upgraded. They probably spent 10 minutes riding from keep, now almost ready to see action...

    And then I rally + camo + molten + magelight > heavy attack + SS > crit rush + leap.... They normally die well before the crit rush.. Then I laugh hard as they come back 10 mins later along the exactly same path, still mounted, still unbuffed....

    I know, I Know... I hate myself too.. But sometimes this helps me blow off some work stress... :(
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  • FriedEggSandwich
    I have no issue with gankers. I consider myself immune to being ganked and not particularly suited to ganking. I do however get dragged along ganking by my stamblade guild mate quite frequently. Mostly I find it boring cos he is much faster than me in stealth and also perfectly capable of dispatching upto 2 players without my help. Also I feel $h1tty ganging up on players that are mounted. For this reason I usually just sit in stealth watching, trying to influence his target choices, and leeching his ap until he causes enough grief to produce a reaction from the enemy faction. This is when ganking gets fun and leads me onto my point; ganking can be a great way of setting up smallscale pvp. Stay in one place long enough and an exciting 2vX will happen. It will most likely end up in a wipe cos they have the number and anger advantage, but will still be pretty damn exciting, especially if it doesn't end up in a wipe.

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  • outsideworld76
    Ganking is evil, easy AP for most who do it.

    I got ganked in Bruma while entering a building for the quests. Two blues, one was stunning/CC-ing and using heavy attacks while his buddy was channeling RD. I went back to see if they would use the same routine and indeed they did consistently. So I sneaked in to observe them and saw how they did this to multiple single players. They didn't stand a change, so very easy AP for the blues.

    Bad day for single adventurers.
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