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New Player - Need Help!

I'm a new player, and I do not have many friends to play with. So I'm looking for a small group of friends to grind out this game with and all become strong together so we can take over Cyrodil. Shoot me a message if interested!
  • CelticSold1er
    If you are interested you can join my guild Im trying to start up The Thrashing Gyarados we are small with 2 (almost 3) but with you that could be 4! benefits include a cool name and much more to come Im really looking for some people that would be interested in helping me get this guild started My Gamer tag is CelticSold1er and i will fly you a message in case you dont check this forum post haha we are mainly Pact just incase that is an issue for you

    - Alliance: Ebonheart Pact -
    - GT: Celtic Sold1er
    - Platform: Xbox One -
    - Server: NA -[/b]
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