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Looking for a Guild, Ebonheart Pact.

Soul Shriven
I'm interested in a guild that will allow me to join despite not having the strongest of online presence due to the woes of life and work. I'm interested in everything and anything: dungeons, pvp, questing and things of those natures. I don't mind a more serious toned guild in regards to high end pvp military structure and guild disputes leading to guild versus guild. But I'm also content with a more relaxed atmosphere as well where good humor and the odd remark are the core workings of a social guild.

As of the moment I am level 21, a dark elf Dragonknight and very bored.

Please feel free to comment questions or curiosities.
Thank you for your time.
  • ForlornBeliever
    Sounds like you'd enjoy the Bloodborne Rogues. We're always looking for more members and all alliances and levels are welcome. If you're interested in joining or have any questions, just send me a message. GT= Vengeful Wyvern
    Leader of the Bloodborne Rogues. Werewolf looking for a pack or want to be a werewolf? Or just looking for teammates to take on Tamriel's baddies? Feel free to message me if you have questions or are interested in joining. Xbox One/NA Server
    I'm GM of Demon Killers. Ebonheart pact, very active and helpful. 130+ members. I can shoot you an invite if you post your gamer tag.
    EP Nowatay Warriors is looking for more solid players we are mostly in the EsT time zone and adult laid back guild that do daily vets pledges, and vet DSA, we have 6 VR 16s and a couple VR -12s that have a lot of expierience. Also master crafters with 8-9 traits.
  • SpazzmanNDQ
    Sons of Kattegate is recruiting we have 160 members so far and we are basically a start up guild we normally have a weekly trader and our members levels vary from v16 down to 3 you would have instant access to the trader with no weekly dues and people will gladly help you lvl or quest send me a message on live and I will shoot you an invite GT SpazzmanNDQ
  • Steel_Linx43
    Drikket, it appears that Linx of Steel would be a great fit for you. We have all alliances and a wide spectrum of member activity, I myself play weekends due to work and being a father. We also cover all content of ESO (pvp, PVE etc) we have a rank system for structure but I would not describe the guild as serious we are infact in between. Let me know if you're interested.
  • CelticSold1er
    Well The Trashing Gyarados aren't very big (it's pretty much just me) ,but I'm looking for new members to join and come help with ideas. Benefits include a cool name and I also have work and school so you're not expected to be super involved 24/7 but we will still try to get people toghter and do dungeons and what not. If you're interested message me at [email protected] or on Xbox CelticSold1er

    - Alliance: Ebonheart Pact -
    - GT: Celtic Sold1er
    - Platform: Xbox One -
    - Server: NA -[/b]
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