login in takes too long?

Whenever I enter the game, it usually takes a LONG time till I can actually play it, even getting to character creation can take up to 4-5 mins or more, and then after that another 3-5 mins.
Is this normal? or is it some kind of problem on my end? I have never played a MMO that takes so long to load everything (once inside the game, everything runs just fine though)
  • UrQuan
    I often have this happen the first time I log in after a patch, but not otherwise. Are you seeing this pretty much all the time? Are you PC or one of the consoles?
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  • craybest
    everytime I play. sometimes it's a bit less but still a long while. I'm on PC btw...
    ok at least now I know it's probably something on my end though.
  • Obliterate
    It takes longer than your average MMO anyway but it doesn't take me longer than 1 minute to open the game and get logged in so yeah it's probably is a problem your end.

    www.speedtest.net or if you're in the UK do this http://speedtest.btwholesale.com/ for a more accurate speedtest, make sure you're getting a decent speed.

    Also I found this:

    I can't vouch for that but it seemed to work for them, maybe there's a cache delete option in the launcher settings.

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  • connivingsumo
    My experience has been exactly like UrQuan's. I'm on PC as well.
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