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Trials Healer LF Top Trials Guild to Run With [AD][XBOX]

I have played a Templar healer since ESO dropped on XBOX.

I have been healing trials since I was v14 (long time ago). I am having difficulty getting trials runs in these days with my current group. I would like the opportunity to help another group.

I have SPC with BiS Traits (mostly). I have a ton of experience with all trials.

I also have a MageBlade if that's interesting as well.

Please message me on XBL my GT is Lord McSwagger

Guild Master: Black Lotus
Lord McSwagger VR16: Templar Healer
Anne Ihilation VR16: Mage Blade
Declan Stachenshield VR4: Sorcer
Isabelle Stonecaller VR3: Magicka Dragon Knight
  • kidwgm
    Citadel of Insanity PvE Guild might be an interest to you. We are currently starting up trials. Either this weekend of next weekend depending on schedules. We currently have about 130 members with several members having multiple v16 characters. I myself just got my character to all gold and itching to start trials! If this sounds interest to you. Message me on XBL my GT is Kid Whimsical and I will get you an invite asap.
    DPS StamDK CP506 X1 NA GT Kid Whimsical
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