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Looking for Mature Guild

I recently hit VR1 and I am enjoying the game and I just want to enhance my experience in the game. So, I am just looking for a guild that has a good number of members and preferably mostly adults or mature players.

I'm still exploring things in the game and just want to be in a guild that I can learn from some of the players and do dungeons or other things with from time to time.

Basically just looking for a social or casual guild although I could get into some of the PvE a little heavier, I think I would enjoy that also.

Anyways my UserID is @ColdHunter and my character name is Dw Apollo

I am a NightBlade Archer so I would prefer a guild that has a good population in the ebonheart pact.

Messege me if you have interest for a new member.

  • TitanJeff
    Level 44 Bosmer NB Archer also looking for a more mature (yet fun) group.
    Edited by TitanJeff on March 3, 2016 6:50PM
  • Lord_Xp
    Rusty Old Dragons is easy to get along with and extremely helpful members from all levels. We are prodominately in the Pact as well. Let me know if you are interested

    A head on a pike no longer conspires
  • Vindemiatrix
    We are DC-based BUT we have a growing population of AD and DC players. Here is the link to our post:
    Guildmama: AssemblyOfSafetyNSecurity
    Vindemiatrix, V16 DC DK, Master Angler
    holee hand grenade, V16 DC Templar, Master Angler
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