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Looking for Mature Guild

I recently hit VR1 and I am enjoying the game and I just want to enhance my experience in the game. So, I am just looking for a guild that has a good number of members and preferably mostly adults or mature players.

I'm still exploring things in the game and just want to be in a guild that I can learn from some of the players and do dungeons or other things with from time to time.

Basically just looking for a social or casual guild although I could get into some of the PvE a little heavier, I think I would enjoy that also.

Anyways my UserID is @ColdHunter and my character name is Dw Apollo

I am a NightBlade Archer so I would prefer a guild that has a good population in the ebonheart pact.

Messege me if you have interest for a new member.

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