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Where to hire a trader for a starting trading guild?

We have now progressed to the point that could try a trader. Looking for some cheap and at least a bit populated place. I know we can't get rawl'kha etc places.

But what would be a good place to start a business?
  • Nestor
    TBH, people who shop go to the traders in the rural areas. They are all near Wayshrines and are in some ways more convenient than those in a town.

    Find a trader that has a low inventory, like less than 100 items, and bid on that location. Those guilds probably did not bid all that much money in the first place, and they certainly did not make enough money to make another bid, unless their guild just subsidizes the Kiosk. One of the guilds I am in has a preferred trader location that is out of the way and we do quite well with it as people know to come to use for a good selection and decent prices. For example, we practically give away Motifs, they are so cheap that I list mine on another trader rather than my main guild.
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