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Frame Drops and/or Lag Ever Since Thieves Guild DLC

After updating to the latest Thieves Guild patch, my game is choppy and at times unplayable. Frames are dropping and/or the game is lagging. It even occurs in underpopulated areas in PvE zones and even at off-peak times of day. I'd assumed this was due to everyone updating and the system acclimating to the new update, but the choppy frames and lag have not improved.

This was not the case prior to the update. Is this a known issue for XB1 and are there other XB1 players having similar issues? Any help on this ZOS?
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  • Ason_SWE
    Also experiencing extremly bad performance after Thieves Guild patch. Doesn't matter if it is heavily populated or underpopulated areas, or if it's during peak hours or not, have same bad performance regardless.

    I have even tryed to re-download and re-install the game on the internal harddrive, a SSD and a regular 1TB extern harddrive, same result on all.

    Not having fun anymore, game is unplayeble.

  • Gawmonster
    Soul Shriven
    Same issue here. Also, shortly after loading into a new zone (indoors, outdoors, anywhere there is a load screen), the game will load again where it normally wouldn't. Third issue I've noticed since patching is an unbearably long load time for NPCs (invisible bankers etc). Takes up to a minute or two for them to be interactable again. Annoying but not game breaking when it is a shop keep but when it is a combat quest npc and they're invisible, unhittable, and wailing on you? Not cool.
  • x5ofspadez
    Honestly its been better in Cyrodiil for me than in regular pvE areas in the last few days. I find it amazing that they havent responded? If they have i missed it.
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