Looking for UK - Casual - Daggerfall Covenant Trading Guild

Soul Shriven
I am looking for a Daggerfall Cov guild that deals in trading, quest and dungeon collab would be optional but beneficial.

I am based in the UK and work full-time so my commitment is at the weekends.

I am an enchanter thats looking to peddle my glyphs. Please give me your pitch, message me and I hope your guild is right for me :)

My ingame name is Kiyoshimizu
  • Kiyoshimizu
    Soul Shriven
  • SerpentbreeD
    Same here, except I´m from the Netherlands. Free bump to you, mate.
    The path to enlightenment is paved with the corpses of the mindless.
  • tysonlee899
    Join vanquish 300+ members. We run dungeons trials and will help with crafting message me
  • qingshang
    I'm interested.@go_out
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