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Everlasting Conquest - AD / PvE / Raiding

Hi, here in Everlasting Conquest we pride ourselves in being one of the most active, helpful and skilled communities for the AD! While we aren't the absolute best players in the game, we manage to do pretty well for ourselves. Here's a short list of what WE CAN DO FOR YOU!

1- Provide you one of the most active and knowledgable ESO communities for PvE
2- End game content, meaning TRIALS! We are one of the only other guilds in AD currently competing for leaderboard scores, and we run almost every night! We have days dedicated to DPS testing, and others to allow new members to complete and experience trials!
3- A solution to LFG, meaning ease of access to completing dailies, we average 80-100 members online nightly, all seeking to complete the daily dungeon for gold keys.
4- An active guild chat! We are a very sociable guild with a FB and a Groupme, to stay connected to the guild even when you're not online!

If this interests you please contact my on Xbox at my GT - Hordemasterr
Edited by Hordemasterr on February 26, 2016 3:29PM
  • Hordemasterr
    Running HM sanctum tonight!
  • Trenia
    Bumpity bump bump, bump. Give these dudes some love.
  • Zyeriik
    I will join up. GT same as forum name.
  • Hordemasterr
    Invites sent, tonight is Friday fun run! We schedule raids with some of our seasoned raiders to expose newer players to end game content!
  • Oompuh
    I'll join, GT - Oompuh
    Xbox NA - Oompa
    Khajiit DK Tank
    Founder of Major Aegis
    Main Tank of Dissonant Crusade Uprising Savages
  • Hordemasterr
    Just reclaimed a spot on AA leaderboards, now we're on all 3 leaderboards for trials!
  • beamy93
    I'll take an invite. Nice to see another guild looking to wipe some peeps off the leader boards.

    gt: Blondie1336
    Edited by beamy93 on March 14, 2016 8:43PM
  • Tida2Yuna
    Would like to join.GT: kyaribobon
  • IMasterMario
    IMasterMario I'd like to join
  • wellendaoud
    Vet 16 Templar Healer. Looking for endgame play.

    GT: wellen daoud
  • connery10101ub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    GT: lil hotdogs5900
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