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Looking for a decent DK tanking guide/build

Soul Shriven
I am fairly new to ESO and am in the midst of leveling (40). I have looked around and seen various guides builds and not only are the dramatically different from one to the next, but most of them seem outdated. I was hoping an experienced DK tank would be kind enough to refer me to a guide that is up to date and generally agreed upon as successful. Once I have that and begin to understand how the abilities gel, I could make personal modifications that fit my playstyle. I apologize if this has been asked and answered many times but I am looking to respec soon and would like to spend my points and start tanking, the right way. Thanks in advance.
  • Liofa
    Class Representative
    There are many guides on tamrielfoundry . Go to dragonknight theorycrafting section and you will find them .
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