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Spec for Templar

Hi guys

Whats the best 'spec' for a templar - thats not a full blown healer? I have tried Stamplar and now trying Magika, but can't seem to decide which I favour. Just wondered other opinions? (Yes I know its personal taste lol)

The night is dark and full of terror
  • Destyran
    Well what do you want to do?? Be more descriptive?
  • Solaaris
    Would like Magika DPS, but all the guides I have found so far are very conflictive
    The night is dark and full of terror
  • Brrrofski
    My current setup:

    5 kagernacs
    4 magnus (dual wield and sword and board)
    3 willpower

    Wearing 5:1:1 for undaunted passives

    37k magica and 22k health in pvp
    2400ish spell,damage unbuffed, 1950ish magica regen.

    Dual wield:
    Puncturing sweeps
    Radiant oppression
    Dark flare
    Toppling charge
    Ice comet

    Sword and board:
    Structured entropy
    Breath of life
    Proxy det
    Puryfying Ritual
    Dawnbreaker of smiting

    I'm having a lot of fun an success with my templar currently.
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  • Solaaris
    Thats looks cool, thanks. Is DStaves no good?
    The night is dark and full of terror
  • failkiwib16_ESO
    what @Brrrofski said is great for pvp, but for pve I would prefer to slot Structured Entrophy + Inner Light on both bars.

    Also i would prefer 5 Julianos, 1 Kena, 1 Torugs armor pieces along with Torugs weapon.

    In both pvp and pve I prefer restoration staff instead of 1hand and shield, only because I am too lazy to run around with both, and I want the option to always be able to take a dedicated healers role :p

  • puffy99
    don't overlook harness magicka. it's a killer skill and gives you that extra 13k plus of spell damage resist.
    when coupled with focus you can stand toe to toe with many bosses and spam the crap out of sweeps/heal as needed.
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