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Looking for a guild right for me. See description.

Soul Shriven
Hi guys, Im currently looking for a casual guild with a level of organisation and daily/weekly events such as pvp Tuesday. Instance Friday, lotteries, daily events and discussions etc . Im looking for guild who is friendly and open to casual players with patience and support with the intention to work as a team and help with knowledge of the game.

By no means am I vet at gaming and I am newish to eso and only played one Mmo before (wow) for just over a year. I am really keen to play time depending as I am an adult with responsibilities and love an open friendly atmosphere that doesn't judge.

I have keen interest in working in groups and crafting for myself and others but still learning with minimal knowledge.

If you are guild for me I would greatly appreciate an invite.

If you want to know anything about me please ask.

PS I'm a controller player due to hand injury issues.



@ozikeri eu pc

Best Answers

  • Mystics
    Hi there,

    We are in the process of setting up events and have some organisation :)
    Started 2 month ago because we were not happy with the Guilds we joined.
    Over 200 members in a short time, because we are a relaxed and friendly bunch.

    So bare with us or even help organise events?
    Check the about us and the discussion thread to learn a litte more about our Guild.
    When interested, you can visit our website and register there to apply for the Guild.

    De Raaf
    GM @Mystics = all round Guild with large player base (~475 members)
    Admin @Equalisers = PvP Guild (AD alliance)
    Admin @Dragons of the Targaryens = Trials Guild
    Accepted Answer
  • Skygirlx
    Hello there! =)

    My guild <The Last Roses> would maybe fit for you. We are an international pvp focused guild but also do a little pve. We build our guild since a week in eso (means we aren't alot of players yet) .

    We are right now 6 players and play in the ebonheart alliance.

    Our guild is very friendly and respect every player as long they they accept our guild rules. =)

    Here's our forum maybe you wanna take a look and decide afterwards if we fit for you :)
    Edited by Skygirlx on March 24, 2016 4:44PM
    Main founder of ''The Last Roses, WIldfire Savages, Desert Pirates and Saphery''

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