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Looking for an End Game AD guild XBOX One NA Server

VR 16 300+ CP templar healer looking for a guild to grind vet dungeons and trials with. lvl 50 crafting in everything.. can make psijic ambrosia as well ... not big on pvp but will run with a group from time to time... prefer IC if I'm doing pvp
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  • Aleraon
    what platform / server are you on? If you're on the EU PC Server you could try Legionnaires. They're mostly AD but some people do have alts in other factions and do a mix of PVE / PVP including trials, pledges, IC runs and a few of us do a bit of dungeon farming now and again either for achievements or gear etc,

    if I can help feel free to throw me a shout in game @Razum-dah
    (EU/AD) CP501 Razum-dah - Khajiiti Templar Healer
    (EU/AD) CP501 J'Kara Silverclaw - Khajiiti Dragonknight tank
    (EU/AD) CP501 Rajhiin - Khajiiti stamina Nightblade
    (EU/AD) CP501 Draven Corvillian - Breton magicka Nightblade
    (EU/AD) CP501 Sinderian Nightflame - High Elf magicka sorcerer
    (EU/AD) CP501 J'zargo Silverclaw - Khajiit stamina Templar
    (EU/AD) CP501 Ariella Nightshade - High Elf Magicka Nightblade
    (EU/AD) CP501 Ri'shada - Khajiit Stamina Sorcerer
    (EU/AD) LVL29 Valeon Indoril - Dark Elf Magicka Dragonknight
    *The Queen stole this one's moonsugar candies lol*
  • skatterbraynz
  • kidwgm
    Citadel of Insanity PVE, Dungeon, Trials Guild. We are super excited for Tuesday's update and DLC of Thieves Guild. With cross alliance grouping its going to be much easier to find people to do PvE content with! This is a great time to join an active guild with helpful guild mates! We have 125 active members across DC, AD and EP. If this sounds interesting drop a message to GT Kid Whimsical [Recruiter] or Lady Velius xK [Guildmaster] !
    DPS StamDK CP506 X1 NA GT Kid Whimsical
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