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The Call (Character Story)

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Hircine, whose sphere is the hunt, the sports of Daedra, the greatest game, the chase and sacrifice of mortals; known by the names The Huntsman of The Princes, and The Father of Manbeasts.

His dreams were scattered, but something about them seemed real enough.

"Run, get what you can but we have to go," he heard the voice hollering as he himself was running out of the little farm house. He heard screams and someone crying but he knew he had to get to the barn, to get the wagon hitched to the horses before they could run.

Krist felt the warm covers over him, even his head was covered. Had he opened his eyes he still would not have known if it was morning yet. It was odd because he usually did not sleep this way.

"Holly is still in the house," Holly's aunt Bith cried to Krist, as he tossed a bag onto the wagon. Everyone one else was accounted for as Krist turned to run back toward the burning house.

It was such an odd and erratic dream. He was thankful he was warm and safe and that all was fine. Dreams can mean many things. It may be from his own worries, his own fears. He had heard of people having dreams that were actually visions of things to come. He hoped this was not one of them.

Krist flinched, even though he was still just remembering the dream, as he remembered the arrows striking him in the side. While he was willing his legs to go, in his dream, he could not. He crumpled down, even as part of the house crumbled. He could hear Holly crying out for help, and he could see the undead converging from the south. Two zombies closed on him, and he decapitated them both with a mighty swing of his sword, as he gained his footing. The pain was still there, but he was at least able to walk. His memory became very blurred at this point. He remembered entering the house, even as Holly continued to scream. Skeletons and other undead were pounding on her door, one with an axe, in an effort to get to her. Then the dream seemed to fade, and he remembered no more of it.

Krist leaned back into the warm body behind him, no doubt it was Holly. Why he ended up in her bed, or her in his, he could not say. Krist pulled the covers back. Not the covers from his room or Holly's, but game hides. He was also not in his room, or even a house for that matter. He was outside by some hot coals that was once a campfire.
Krist looked about, then winced at the stitch in his side. That must of been what made him dream of being struck by arrows. He also had some burns on his skin, but he could not remember why.
Krist began to rise, but realize he was completely naked, and settled back under the covers. It was not modesty that kept him there, but the chilling cold as Krist realized they were on a mountain looking out over the plains of Cyrodiil. He felt the warm body next to him stir. She was also naked.
"Holly, what is happening," Krist asked, but the head emerging from the furs was not Holly's.
"Rest some more, while I fix you somethin' to eat. You will need it, because you will be sick soon," Belwin the wood elf said, even as nausea began to make his head spin.

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  • Krist
    "You are a funny one, Krist Lindor. Wake up to a beautiful wood elf and getting sick," Belwin said, grinning as she stoked the hot coals, creating a fire. "Was it something I said, or something you did to me."
    Krist was rubbing snow on his face, which was helping the nausea to pass. He wasn't even sure of what it was that came from his stomach as he emptied it, but it was very foul.
    He was also not sure he ever really heard the Bosmer speak so much. He could not stop gagging long enough to even ask her any questions. He pulled the blanket from his back as his stomach churned again, but he had nothing left in him.
    "It will pass," Belwin said, almost as if reading his mind. "You will need to be more picky about what you eat from now on."
    Krist did not remember eating anything in particular.
    "Get some more rest while I cook. We are safe enough here for the day, but we need to probably move out by tomorrow."
    Krist looked to Belwin, who was now dressed in her dark leather jerkin and and breeches that were above her knees. She wore laced up black boots that covered to the top of her calves, also a dark leather. None of it was ornamental, but something about them told Krist that they were not simple clothes.
    "The snow stopped, but it will be colder tonight," Krist heard her say as he climbed back under the fur bedding. "I will wake you to sup, you will need to since you have nothing left on your stomach."
    With that, Krist drifted to sleep.

    Belwin put more wood on the fire. She knew the kind to use to produce less smoke, and make it more white so it would be harder to detect by people. Krist would be very vulnerable right now, so she needed to protect him as much as possible while she hunted. She knew it would not take her long, but because of the fire, she would need to hunt a little further away than she wished. Keeping him alive was very important to her at this time. Her plans of revenge on the knight changed when the undead stormed the farm that Krist and the rest were staying on. While she was able to keep an eye on Krist, she had no idea if the others were even alive. She hoped Bith was, and maybe even the boys, but she really did not care if Holly was alive or not.
    A part of her hoped the woman was really dead.
    Belwin cooked what little dried meat she had with some herbs and onion grass she found. It was just enough for her, and she needed the energy to be able to hunt. Besides, Krist could not eat right then anyway.
    Belwin looked to the furs that Krist was now completely buried under. He sure was not what she thought he would be. She expected him to be harsh, stern, and hypocritical, something most knights were that she actually met. Instead he was kind, gentle, and honorable.
    Never mind that, she would stick to her plan. She would have her revenge, for what he did to her. He killed Red. While she had many lovers in her life, some welcomed and some forced, Red was the only man she ever really loved. She did not to wish to kill Krist for what he did, that would be too easy. She wanted to make sure he felt what she felt when Red died.
    If Holly was dead, he would know how she felt. He loved Holly very much, and as soon as he was awake and strong, he would be out to search for her.
    She also knew his secret now, something he probably spent years protecting. She was not sure how she did not know this about him until now. She needed to find a way to use that against him.
    "Unless he thought Holly was dead", Belwin said really low to herself, as a smile began to form on her face. "What if he thought it was he that killed her."
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  • Krist
    "Heart of a Lion, or the heart of wolf Krist, which is it? You cannot be both," the woman said. She was beautiful. A beauty that surpasses mortal beauty, but Krist could not seem to recognize her, even though he knew he should.
    "What are you talking about," Krist asked, looking around.
    He was in a wooded area, a place that should seem peaceful, but something about it was not. Something about it was dangerous, but very exhilarating. It was apparently the beginning of fall, as the leaves were a mix of browns and oranges and reds, very pleasing to eyes.
    "Ma'am, I do not understand...," Krist began, but she was gone.
    Krist turned to look around for her.
    "She is no longer with us," a masculine voice said, and Krist spun about.
    Before him was a powerful warrior with a large goat skull mask, or at least he thought it was a mask.
    "You actually have no choice, Krist Lindor. You have the heart of a wolf in you, and you cannot deny it."
    Krist felt strange, even as he noticed the hair on his hands and arms starting to grow at an unnatural rate.
    His nails began to grow, and then the pain set in, as he felt as if every bone in his body was breaking.....breaking or growing......

    Krist woke up to Belwin crouched down over him. She was watching him, staring at him in a strange way. This caused him to look at his arms and hands to see if he truly was becoming a creature, but it was only a dream.
    "It is late, you need to eat," she said.
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
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  • Krist
    Krist sat with the blankets around him, staring at the fire. Belwin told him that she was not sure what happened to Holly and her family, but that he was in no shape to pursue a people that left in a direction he would not know.
    "Krist, I looked for them all day yesterday. They are gone," Belwin said, rather matter of fact.
    "What happened," Krist asked, looking to her for answers.
    "You know what happened. We were attacked by the undead. You saw the house burning down. I am not even sure if they made it. You collapsed from the arrows in you and I dragged you away," the wood elf handed the warrior some rabbit meat cooked with wild herbs. It was a nutritious meal.
    Krist frowned, and really did not feel like eating. He took the meal anyway. His time spent as a soldier taught him not to let emotions get in the way.
    "I know your secret Krist," Belwin blurted out.
    Krist looked to her, not sure what she meant at all.

    The moment Belwin said it, she knew he did not know his own secret. She was wrong, he was not protecting his secret, he did not know he was lycan.
    "What do you mean," Krist asked, looking to the wood elf.
    "You don't know," she said, and had to force herself not to smile.
    "I don't know what? I do not feel like playing games, so please, just say it," Krist said, and ate some more of his food.
    "You are lycan, Krist. You are a werewolf. You do not remember what happened because you changed," Belwin said, as Krist looked to her in astonishment.
    The term "Lycanthropy" is incorrectly used to refer to any sort of were-creature instead of solely werewolves. Lycanthrope comes from the Greek "lykos" meaning wolf and "ànthrōpos" meaning human. The correct term is therianthropy.
    - From the pages of "On Lycanthrope", found in the world of Elder Scrolls
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    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
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  • Krist
    "Upon my honor I do swear undying loyalty to the Emperor...
    and unwavering obedience to the officers of his great Empire.
    May those above judge me, and those below take me, if I fail in my duty.
    Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empire!"

    The battle was bloody, but holding Blue Road Keep was important to the empire. It was apparent the Empire itself was in trouble, because it was a four way battle for the keep, with the Imperials still holding it. Many times a halt was called to the archers and siege machines. The others were fighting amongst themselves giving the Imperials time to rest and save ammunition.
    "Sir Krist, the east wall is badly damaged. It can't take much more," a soldier called. Krist did not recognize him under the char and blood on his face.
    "You okay," the big Nord asked, looking him over. He was a gruesome sight.
    "Fine sir, not my blood," the man said, he was apparently Imperial by birth.
    "What about Captain Sceriu," Krist asked. It was his side of the keep to watch. Krist was promoted to commanding the north wall after Captain Lucerius was killed by a poison arrow.
    "Dead sir," the man said matter of factly. He was not a well like Captain.
    Krist looked to the soldier a moment, trying to comprehend it.
    "Was a fire ballista sir, killed him instantly."
    Krist nodded a moment.
    "And Sergeant Albarn," Krist asked.
    "Was with the captain. I was standing a bit too close to both of them myself and barely survived the initial impact. It tore the captain in half and sent Albarn off the edge on fire."
    A massive explosion shook the ground, causing both men to duck down. Thankfully one alliance was attacking another. Thankfully still they were not working together against the Empire.
    "Brin," Krist called. The sellsword looked his way, but preferred not running the gambit of broken wall to his location. Even though the other two factions fought, there were snipers just waiting for a chance to take one of them off the wall.
    "Brin, get over her," Krist yelled again, but the sell sword shook his head.
    Krist grabbed the soldier's shield and told him to wait there for his orders. Holding the shield between him and any sniper he ran to Brin's location.
    "Why didn't you come to me," Krist asked, a mad look on his face.
    "Didn't have a shield," Brin chuckled.
    "By the eight divines! Okay, there is no leadership on the east wall...." Krist began.
    "No way, I like this wall, I am staying on this wall," Brin said, looking past Krist at the crumbling east wall.
    "Fine, stay here but I need you to take charge. No one else has experience," Krist shouted over the screams of battle below.
    "I aint no Imperial Krist, just a paid sword that is rethinking his negotiations. I like you man, but I am thinking this battle is lost," Brin said, glancing over the wall at the chaos.
    "You can't leave, you wont make it two step out of the postern gate."
    Brin looked back over the wall, then hunched back down nodding.
    "Fight, and if we win, you live. If this wall stays standing, you live," Krist said, patting Brin. Brin was one of the best fighters he knew, and was very smart when it came to war. He had no idea where the Redguard learned it.
    "I can keep this wall up, what about the others," Brin said, but Krist grabbed him by his arm in a tight grip.
    "Keep THIS wall standing, we win," he assured him, and ran down the stairs toward the other wall.
    Brin peeped back over and ducked down as an arrow whizzed by.
    "Yeah right," Brin said, but then began commanding the archers to get to their post. They could drink their wine or water while they watched the enemy.

    Krist made it to the eastern wall. It was not as bad as it looked from a distance. The top was badly damaged, but the structure still held together. It just made it harder to answer any attacks from directly above. The gate itself was barricaded and held.
    "What is your name," Krist asked the soldier.
    "Lavitus," the soldier said.
    Krist nodded.
    "Tell the archers to bring whatever debris they can carry and set up on that corner of the wall. Get some counter siege up there, use whatever debris you can. Start hitting their siege weapons while they are fighting each other," Krist told him over the rumbling of some spell that struck near the wall, but was apparently on the outside.
    From the sky rained magic, and Krist knew this was turning into quite a battle outside of the gates.
    Krist watched the young soldier gather the archers and begin doing what he said. No one questioned good orders at this point, it was either fight or die.
    Krist looked to the other corner that was still be manned by a half dozen archers.
    Krist quickly looked up as a portal began to spin open over the field of battle. The sky began to darken and lightening began to crackle. The portal was on the outside of the keep, and through it, lesser daedra began to fall. He rushed to the top of the wall and looked over. On the hill he saw an Imperial flag being waved by a horseman, as a cavalry mounted the hill behind him. A smile came to Krist's lips, but this new enemy was going to pose more problems.
    Someone was bringing the Daedra into this battle.
    The cavalry on the hill did not move save for 4 horsemen all in black. As they approached, soldiers rose up, apparently hidden in the grass, and began to follow. First it was a few, then dozens. Then as the horsemen grew closer more began to rise. Krist and his companions could now see these were not new soldiers joining the battle.
    It was the dead.

    The horsemen rode in, flanked by soldiers. Dead soldiers. As they entered, the dead from within the keep began to rise and take their place in the march. The battle was over, the enemy retreated. Krist could not blame them. Every soldier killed, from any side, rose and fought for the Imperial Necromancers. As Krist watched them file in, he saw Brin packing his own horse, ready to head out.
    He would not be getting any gold, and may end up dead and one of the undead army. Krist knew he had to be thinking that, because Krist was thinking the same about him.
    As he watched the undead file into line, Krist saw Lavitus, the soldier that warned him of the east wall, filing in line with them, an arrow sticking out of his dead chest.

    Krist awoke abruptly, and held in a scream, much like he did before. While it was a dream, it was also a memory. A memory that Krist could never forg
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  • jarnkoldur
    You, you put me to shame. Whatever little nonsense I wrote pales in comparison. m(_ _)m
    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
  • Krist
    jarnkoldur wrote: »
    You, you put me to shame. Whatever little nonsense I wrote pales in comparison. m(_ _)m

    I have read what you wrote, and you are very talented my friend. Thank you though, that does mean alot coming from someone else that obviously loves writing.
    Also let's face it, ESO gives us plenty of very good fiction to work with.
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Krist
    Our greatest strength is the adversity we have overcome. Our resolve is glacial, our might is forged in fire, and our courage, cultivated by the beasts of the jungle. We are Ebonheart. We are as one. And by this, our victory is assured."
    ―Blood For The Pact!, Jorunn the Skald-King


    Blue Road Keep loomed over the hill. Maybe he had the nightmare of it the night before because this was their destination. He wasn't sure, but it stuck with him still. The Keep itself looked a little different, as repairs had been made and some things added.
    It was the closest Keep that was actually occupied by members of the Ebonheart Pact, which would be easier for them to get into. While Belwin was a wood elf, and her people not a part of the Pact, she was more likely to be let in to a Pact controlled Keep than Krist in any of the others.
    "Make sure no part of your armor can be seen," Belwin reminded Krist.
    Krist nodded. He had already tended to that. His armor was still Imperial, and he would not be tolerated in a Pact controlled Keep.
    "We need supplies, this is our best bet," Krist said, though Belwin never did complain. She figured he was questioning himself.
    Krist was also in hope that it would be mostly Nords in control of the Keep.

    " 'ello brother, what's yer business," the big Nord called from the wall. The postern door was small and thus less manned. Krist hoped this would aid them in getting in, considering there would be fewer people to argue against it.
    "I am here for supplies and maybe buy some horses," Krist called back.
    The soldier look to him a moment, then looked to the elf.
    "And you?"
    "She is with me," Krist said. That was not uncommon to see, as adventurers of all walks of life came together.
    "I am with the Fighter's Guild," Krist added.
    "They aint done nothin' to help us here, but I wont hold that against you," the soldier replied, then looked to someone below him and nodded.
    "Come in, the commander will want to talk to you, see if you seen any movement out there of the enemy," the soldier said.
    Krist just nodded then entered the postern gate.

    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Krist
    "Come in," the commander said, after Krist had knocked on her office. It was set apart and high up from the rest of the keep.
    The commander was not what Krist had thought she would be. She was a....she for one.
    "Thank you for seeing me commander," Krist said, and gave a knee.
    "Stand up, I aint no Queen," the commander motioned, barely looking to him as she signed some papers. Then her hazel eyes met his, and she looked him over.
    "You speak kinna high for a Nord," she said.
    Krist was wearing a simple blue tunic that went to his thighs, with some leather britches and calf high boots. He did not look the part of an aristocrat.
    "I was raised in the White Run Province, but my mother was from Cyrodiil. Father is from Skyrim."
    The commander stood up and gauged him a moment, before opening a bottle of ale, and tossing him one that was still corked. She wore typical Nordic Armor, with a heavy chest plate and arms. Tufts of fur collared the armor. Her arms were bear except steel wrist guards. She had scars on her arms and one across her neck, that he would have thought should have killed her.
    Her face remained unmarred, but stern none the less, as if she saw many battles.
    "And your pappa chose to let you talk like the sissies of Cyrodiil," she said more than asked.
    Krist tore off the cork of the bottle, and guzzled down about half of the ale in one swig. Truth be told he did not like Nord Ale, something that would certainly have gotten him into more trouble with this commander.
    She seemed to approve the drinking at least.
    "My fa...pappa, adored my mother, and left her to teach us speaking as she willed it. He worried more on feeding us than arguing over our talking skills," Krist said, then offered his best Nord frown to show his displeasure in her implications and discussion.
    'I am Scotteta, of Mrier, but you can call me commander," she grinned, knowing she got to him.
    "Krist of Bram Lindor," Krist said, and took her offered hand, clasping her wrist as she clasped his.
    "They tell me you need supplies and maybe a place to sleep the night. Suppose to rain hard tomorrow and every day after for a few days," she said. "I don't have much in supplies, and no horses. All I can offer is a meal and a bunk for the night."
    Krist nodded.
    "I kind of figured but it never hurts to ask. How is the war going," he questioned.
    "Every man that thinks himself worthy to sit his arse on the Ruby Throne been tryin' to do it. The Pact seems to stick togetha most the time, but always one or another wantin' to run things here. King Jorunn having a time with 'em, but they are havin' time with everything else as well."
    In other words things have not changed, or so Krist thought.
    "What of the Empire," Krist asked.
    "Kind of busy holdin' the city, and as far as I am concerned they can all have it. Full of Daedra and undead," She frowned a bit at that then took the final gulp of her ale.
    "I ran into some undead to the east but they seemed headed north, not here. A big bunch of them, and can't say I saw the necromancers that usually join them. Though I did not see much on the run," Krist offered.
    "Seems them and Daedra come from the city and just wander on their own. We have watched them pass us right by at times," the commander said, sitting back down.
    "Who is the elf with you," she finally asked as Krist finished his ale.
    "Belwin, but she is not of the wood people anymore. She had been in Morrowind for a time, then was captured as a slave by Daedra. Myself and some others raided their camp and freed her. She has stuck near me since."
    "Others," the commander asked, brushing strawberry blonde hair from her eyes, and looking to Krist, searching for any signs of deceit.
    "They are dead," Krist said, and his heart hurt to say it. If that really were true, then Holly was dead. His eyes found the floor unintentionally until he heard the commander move in her seat.
    "Seen any other soldiers marching," she asked after a bit.
    "No, I have seen no soldiers until I made it here."
    "Good enough, my men will see you settled in for now. We are short on space so you and the elf will have to share. Be it raining or clear, leave in the morning. I do not have enough supplies to keep you," she said, and waved him off.

    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Krist
    "I think we should leave tonight, Krist," Belwin said, obviously not happy about being cooped up in a room.
    They were fed, as promised, and shown to their quarters, then told to stay in their quarters until morning.
    "Get some sleep Belwin, may be the last night we can sleep dry for a bit. Rain is coming, probably will be here by morning," Krist said, changing into some bed clothes. He was beyond being shy around Belwin.
    "I don' like being cooped up," she said, but complained no more.

    Lt. Im-Kur did not like something about the strangers, especially the Nord. Something about his smell made the Argonian nervous. His commander was use to his intuitions being right, so naturally she decided to keep a close eye on the two, telling the Argonian to watch them from a distance as they made their way with their things to their room.
    It was while watching them that he saw the Imperial armor peeking out from the furs the Nord carried on his back. No one with less than his great knowledge of armor and steel would have even noticed, and Im-Kur himself pretended not to notice until they were in the small room the commander afforded them. He then set two guards to watch over it, and had them command the two to stay in their rooms until they left in the morning.
    That was not odd in Keeps, to keep strangers from walking the grounds.

    Belwin moved closer to Krist in the bunk they shared. It seemed to be a habit for her now, finding comfort in the big Nord. A part of her felt shame as if she was betraying her dead lover, Red, killed by the very man she now pushed against. Krist always grunted a bit, as if not pleased by her getting so close to him, but he always went back to sleep anyway. The two shared furs over many nights by camp fires, but the furs were all that was shared. He made no move to get closer to her. He had no idea he killed someone, the only one, that she was ever close to.
    Belwin heard the thunder start, and she knew it was near day break. They would leave soon enough and she would be back out in the open again, where she liked it. It wasn't her wood elf heritage that made her so much hate being cooped up, it was that this was usually when bad things happened to her. In the open she could run. In the woods she could hide. In the mountains she would find high ground. In this room, she was stuck, and at the mercy of others.
    These thoughts were in her mind when she heard the door of the room open. She was dragged from the bunk, even as Krist sat up. She heard the scuffle, but there were a half dozen soldiers and she heard Krist when he fell with a grunt. She hoped he was not dead, even as two soldiers bound her hands in front of her. She tried to resist, but they were Nords, and much bigger than she was. Without her knives and her bow, she was no match for them.

    Krist was shoved to the muddy ground in the courtyard of the keep, Commander Scotteta looking down to him from one of the staircase platforms.
    "What is this about," he managed, though his ribs hurt tremendously when he did, from the beating he took.
    An Argonion tossed his armor to the ground in front of him, as Krist got to a knee. His hands were bound to his back, and there was nothing he could do.
    "That was for trade, to get supplies," Krist said, looking past the Argonian to the Commander.
    "And what about the Imperials on the march this way, they were for trade as well," the Argonian demanded, kicking Krist back down.
    "We don't know anything about that," Belwin called from behind Krist.
    "I am Fighter's Guild, not Imperial," Krist said, spitting blood from his mouth.
    "That is what he told me," the soldier that allowed him in the keep said. Obviously he was under scrutiny as well.
    "All that means is you have no allegiance to anyone," the commander said.
    "Which means you have no allegiance to us," the Argonian said, swatting Krist in the face with his clawed hands.
    "Im-Kur, that is enough," Commander Scotteta said.

    Krist's ears were ringing now, the clawed hand having cut his face open. His head was down as he was apparently trying to gain his senses again, blood dripping into the muddy puddles.
    "You gotta let us go, now," Belwin said to the men holding her. They just laughed.
    "You gotta let us go," Belwin now called to the Commander. "You gotta let us out of her now."
    Commander Scotteta rolled her eyes, there was no way she was letting two possible spies out of her keep, especially with the Imperial army marching her way to possibly lay siege. The Wood Elf barely looked as a child as the rain soaked her tunic that covered her to her bare knees.
    She kind of liked the Nord, and hated seeing him like this. He had no shirt on and was only in his britches. What a waste of a good strong man, especially with him being with a Wood Elf.
    "He injured two of my men, commander. Let's hang them and be done with it," one of the soldiers called.
    Scotteta was a strong commander, but she was not hardhearted when it came to killing others. She could not just order the death of the two if she did not know for sure.
    "Put them in a cell until we can determine," she said.
    "NO," the wood elf called, this time panic was setting in. "You will all die if you do not let us out of here."
    She did not sound as if she was threatening anyone, she sounded as if she was actually scared.
    Im-Kur approached the Nord who was starting to growl a bit, Scotteta thinking it was from the injuries. He looked closely then backed up, wide eyed as he looked to the commander.
    The Nord began to grow, as the rope holding his hands tight broke apart. At first she thought the man was showing her some kind of great feat of strength, then she realized he was changing.

    Finally Belwin was able to slip her hands free from the bindings, a trick she learned years ago. It mattered little how tight they tied her, she usually could get loose in a matter of time. She ripped a dagger from one of the stunned soldier's sheaths and cut him from his belly to his chest bone. She slit the other's throat in one smooth action, not waiting to see if it was deep enough to kill him or not. She was on the move now, heading up some stairs to an archer on the wall, who was notching an arrow to put into Krist, who was changing into a werewolf even as she moved.
    She drove the dagger to the hilt in the bowman's neck, taking the bow before the man hit the ground. She took the quill and stayed on the move even as she fastened it on. It was not easy running in her soaked tunic, but it kept the others confused as they tried to locate her and keep an eye on the now full grown werewolf in the courtyard.

    "Take it down," Commander Scotteta yelled, running down the steps to assist. She had seen a werewolf before, but never had the pleasure of actually fighting one.
    "Pikes, bows...." she yelled, letting them know what they needed to take this creature down. A sword was of little use, as the werewolf's long arms was knocking the soldiers around. She was nearing it as it bit into the head of one of her men, the crunch marking the death of her soldier. She knew her sword was no better than any others against it, but needed to buy them time to set up and kill the creature.
    It was then it looked at her, yellow eyes burrowing into her own. It's mouth was dripping saliva and blood, and gore sprayed her as it roared in her direction.
    Scotteta froze, something she never did in battle before.

    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Krist
    "A half naked Bosmer protecting a werewolf that would kill her as quickly as it would those that are trying to kill it, Belwin, you have really gotten yourself into this one," Belwin said to herself, but kept moving, and kept firing arrows.
    She really was not trying to kill the soldiers.
    Krist was struggling now, as pike-men were driving their weapons into him. Some would get too close though, and pay the price.
    Belwin kneeled, and began firing quickly. She heard the soldiers coming up the steps to her location on the wall, but she had to get Krist free. The rain was making it harder for her to fire the bow, as the string was losing it's wax coating, but she found the soft spots in the soldiers armor all the same.
    Soon that would not work.
    "Get her," one cried, as they rushed to grab her. Belwin jumped forward, right over the wall, in hopes the wet ground would cushion her fall.
    She heard the splat of her landing, and her mind was threatening to shut down from the impact as everything began to spin.

    "Kill it," Commander Scotteta yelled, but she was running out of pike-men now.
    Most were injured or dead.
    Scotteta sneered, and drew her sword. She would go to Oblivion before she let this creature destroy the entire Keep.
    The Commander rushed the beast, driving her sword into it's side as it was swatting at another soldier. It let out a sound as a dog yelping almost, but even that was distorted and unnatural.

    Belwin was back up and running toward the Commander. The woman was crazy and about to get herself killed. If Krist killed a Keep Commander of the Pact, he would be hunted until he was dead. There would be no getting around it.

    The werewolf let out another roar, but Scotteta was ready for this one. It still stunned her momentarily, but her Nord blood would not let her freeze, this time.
    This was her keep.
    "Come on then you dung of Hircine," she yelled, the only challenge she could think of for such a creature.
    The werewolf leaped toward her, as she felt something hit her from the side, knocking her down.

    Belwin now lay beneath the werewolf, his yellow eyes boring into her's. It worked, she knocked the Commander out of the way, but at what price now?
    "No Krist, it's me!" She shouted, as it opened it's jaws, sharp rows of teeth preparing to clamp down on her.
    Belwin closed her eyes and waited for the worst.
    When it did not come, she chanced a peek. The creature stared at her a moment, then sniffed. It looked her over now, as if recognizing her, and sniffed about her a bit more.
    "By the gods," she said low.
    Arrows struck the side of the beast, and it yelped again. His wounds were catching up to him, slowing the creature down.

    Scotteta was up in a moment, watching the werewolf NOT kill the Wood Elf. At this point she was sure she would not have cared if it did. That wench put arrows in her soldiers and she would insure both paid dearly for it. Before she could muster another attack though, the injured werewolf stood at full height and roared again, her soldiers ducking and pulling back in fear. Then it turned to the wall, preparing a leap. The Bosmer jumped to her feet, then grabbed the wolf around the neck as it left the ground. One leap brought it to the first platform of the stairs, the next to the top of the wall, then the next right over, both Bosmer and werewolf gone in three blinks of an eye.
    Scotteta rushed to the top of the wall, only to barely make out a small figure in nothing but a soaked tunic running very fast to the Northwest.
    The werewolf was nowhere to be seen.
    "Shall I get your horse," one of her soldiers called.
    As if she would chase a werewolf alone in the rain with Imperial Soldiers headed toward the Keep.
    "Tend the wounded, and dead, and prepare to defend the keep," she yelled.

    Two weeks later the siege ended. The Ebonheart Pact flag was lowered in the Keep, and an Imperial flag took it's place.

    There were no survivors.


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    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
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