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Gamepad settings

Soul Shriven
Now, when gamepad support appeared in TESO, how can I make work my chinese Acme GA-02? I tried x360ce, but with default settings it dont work. Please, help me with this problem. Thanks :)
  • filthymushroom
    This joypad does not support XInput which ESO uses. It runs on Direct Input, you have several options to make this work.

    1. Convert Direct Input to XInput. The controller wil then simulate a XBox controller and work with ESO. You can find more info and a way to do that HERE
    2. Conver Direct Input to mouse and keyboard input. There is software to do this, I think it is easier to do. More info HERE
    3. Rewrite the driver of the controller yourself. I'm not sure how to do this for that controller and if it will work, I once rewrote Xbox drivers for a Logitech Gamepad, but that's a diffrent controller alltogether.

    I don't know how option 1 and 2 will work with ESO, as I've never used a controller for ESO myself. If you simulate keyboard and mouse input it might be a bit sluggish... One way to find out.
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