I got called a horribad healer today- vet COA- Am i doing something wrong?

  • Vaoh
    In the next patch your Sorc Healer will be MUCH more powerful. You're still doing perfectly fine right now though.

    We all have PUG horror stories. Understand that if you have completed something like vWGT or vICP, chances are you are not the reason that the dps need to L2P.

    Only twice have I ever been called terrible at this game. Once was recently, where I killed an angry streamer my friend was watching on Twitch (friend messaged me on how hilarious it was). Long story short, his Stamblade build revolving around Ambush --> Wrecking Blow ftw spam just wasn't good enough. The second time was when fighting Ash Titan (V16) with a PUG group in vCoA. The temp healer, dk tank, and nightblade dps were buddies. Tank kept dying, and the healer said that I was sh*t and kept taking up all of his BoL heals.... I don't use my mic, so I simply started the fight prematurely (killing them all quickly) and soloed the Ash Titan. They then tried to add me as their friends (PS4). All three friend requests are still pending :)
  • Sunah
    Its true that everyone relies on Templar healers, the only time sorc healers are viable is if you are running with a solid group that you know and trust... pugs are a no go. Sorcs just can't keep pugs alive, esp when they run glass cannon builds. Only time sorc healers are needed again is with a solid group who really only need off heals while you dps.

    But *** dps are everywhere, they think that every time they die its the healers fault. No matter how much red they sit in.
  • Gilliamtherogue
    Makkir wrote: »
    I dont have Kena which explains why I am running pledges the past 4 weeks in the first place.
    I actually evolved from 5pm Kags to 5pc Maras. The 12% resto reduction was almost a no brainer. I don't want to run a set for faster rezzes because honestly people shouldn't be dying to easy mechanics in the first place.
    This is not a healthy mentality to have if you are pugging dungeons. The fact of the matter is, ESO is highly punishing in content to the majority of players. Zenimax does a horrible job at giving players benchmarks on performance, stats, etc, before jumping into "end game" content. Many players jump in with the same builds they had while leveling up thinking they'll do fine, and they really hurt group progression/performance in doing so. While it's easy to blame the players for doing so, a lot of the blame falls to Zeni for not teaching mechanics such as weaving, priority system, synergy/scaling of stats, etc.

    Since you are already aware that your are running a non meta healer class, you should be prepared to have to work harder at your job and that some deaths may be unavoidable in given situations. Running Kagnerac's is a great way to break into the mold of a good healer, as it offers stats that healers should be focused on when getting their feet wet in harder content. Once you start clearing dungeons like vICP/vWGT/etc and are noticing less and less players dying, then you should move away from Kags and begin looking at gear to improve your capabilities, rather than mindsets/mechanical prowess.

    Another thing is your bars show you running many selfish abilities, mainly running 3 shields, only one of them being ally targeting capable (and may require multiple casts before it goes on the right ally at that). Rapid Regen and Healing Ward is extremely minimalist in terms of healing potential, so much that it's not even worth calling you a "full heal" build but rather something referred to as "50/50" which is half damage and half healing, for more adept players who are familiar with content and group teamwork/synergy. The 50/50 role should be your goal for 4 man content, as very few encounters (when done with other capable group members) require a full heal role, if any. But based on the situation you described, it does not sound like you are in a situation where running a 50/50 build is wise.
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  • Makkir
    @Gilliamtherogue you're responding to an old thread.

    My resto bar is Rapid Regen and Healing Ward which is all anyone needs for vet dungeons (outside the hard ones ICP COA WGT).
    I also run Dark Conversion and the other slots are flex slots with Barrier as my ultimate. In the flex slots I rotate between boundless storm, Harness Magicka (magicka return, and fights like vet grotto last boss) or hardened ward, and then the last slot will either be Healing Springs or some other utility (combat prayer, or etc) again depending on the dungeon.

    I keep ele drain, surge, liquid lightning, force pulse, frags and meteor on my destro bar. In a good group I can easily maintain 15k DPS with this set up. I don't run overload as a healer only because it is too much to have to switch from Overload bar to resto bar.

    For Gear setup
    5pc Mara
    3pc Will power
    Rest is Kags

    * I said Mara is a no brainer because all the sorc heals come from the resto bar, and the other DPS should be picking up the dead any way. Deaths shouldn't be happening in 4 man content, it's overly easy (outside the 3 harder ones COA, ICP, WGT). In truth it probably doesn't matter which set to run because again the content is so damn easy. I chose Maras so I don't have to change out other things like my mundus, CPs, etc.

    This is all a sorc needs to really be competent in 4 man content. It also makes it less of a hassal when players are primarily Cyrodiil geared/specd and just want to run daily gold pledge without having to redo champ pts and skill pts.

    When I am grouped with players who can actually DPS, I spend probably 20% of my time on my resto bar and the rest contributing to DPS. It makes for a fast dungeon clear so I can spend the bulk of my time doing what I actually enjoy doing...PvP.

    In truth, if I join a PUG gold pledge and the DPS are pushing like 5-10k DPS I usually just drop group and re-queue. As a healer it's almost an instant queue for me any way and I value my limited time more than tolerating a group that doesn't know what the hell they are doing. I have maybe 90 minutes a day to play and I don't want to spend that time pugging with players who don't take the time to learn their class and how to optimize their DPS output.

    In most cases now, you don't even need a healer to run these daily 4 mans. I regularly do Spindle and a few others with 4 DPS.
  • Makkir
    I have 5 pieces of Kena in the bank now by the way, 3 are light shoulders with all well fitted traits, my medium shoulders are sturdy, and my heavy shoulders are well fitted.

  • Yusuf
    Switch healing ward for healing springs at that boss. There's too much incoming damage for too many people at the same time for one ward to fully heal anybody.
  • Alabyn
    I think you can safely discount the criticism based on the defensive, belligerent manner it was delivered alone.
  • Savos_Saren
    Sounds like the NB didn't have any sort of self heal (ie: Funnel Health, if magicka based or Vigor if stamina based) nor did the NB use any sort of preemptive protection during combat (ie: Path of Darkness gives Major Ward and Major Resolve). Most likely, as everyone says, he was a glass cannon that just dies a lot.

    The only time I get mad at a healer is if I see them just standing there during combat while everyone fights. I have actually been with a healer that ONLY heals. You'd see him pop BoL when someone got low and then continue to stand and watch. That's just as bad as a DPS that ONLY deals damage (no self heals) or a tank that ONLY taunts and takes a beating (adds no damage or self heals). Drives me batshit.
    Want to enjoy the game more? Try both PvP (crybabies) and PvE (carebears). You'll get a better perspective on everyone's opinion.

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